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Thread: Electroluminecent Bumper sticker

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    Electroluminecent Bumper sticker

    Well, This isnt my car today, that i'm showing off, just something I added to it.

    This isn't computer specific, but it really fits the personalities of the people who
    geek out there ride.

    Here is the link on

    Hope you enjoy!

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    I saw this and i think it would be great for simple wardriving, Or I guess if you want to show off your cars internet...

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    I like the blank sheets you can buy to cut into any size/shape to make it a unique light-up sticker. I agree I probably wouldn't advertise anything that's in my car, but I've seen a few people cut an emblem and/or logo of the car for instance THIS ONE -- I don't think that's advertising (though I think this specific one is too "flashy" for me).

    I have also seen one guy cut a piece of acrylic to put behind one those "hybrid" logos and put a matching cut of EL sheet between the OEM logo and the acrylic (facing back) -- which produces a cool "glow" effect on the logo (though that could probably be done with a few LEDs just as easy).
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