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Thread: 2007 F150 Supercrew 4x4

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    2007 F150 Supercrew 4x4

    Hi all just wanted to share my rig with you, been working on carpc's for a couple of years now and have finally have my system the way i want it. here are the specs and pic's will follow.

    7" touch screen
    d-link wifi
    M$ HD rear cam
    viso infared front cam
    3g router with rocket stick
    logitech skype phone
    usb-serial adapter
    sony slim dvd ext.
    pharos gps-500
    sarbent usb sound card
    logitech x540 speaker system
    bluetooth obdII reader
    ads fm radio
    pioneer inno xm radio
    apacher card reader with 1 usb port
    everready usb AAA/AA charger for mouse/skype phone
    bluetooth dongle
    logitech usb wireless mouse
    logitech dinovo bluetooth keyboard
    10 port powered hub 5amp
    6 ports onboard
    asus 527 cel bluetoothed to comp and usb charge plug near cel
    roxio usb audio/video input device
    4 port hub for future expansion

    xp media center 2005
    streets and trips 2009
    office 2007 pro
    roxio media creator 7.5
    slingbox player

    Aopen bb10 Atom 330 1.6ghz dual core
    2gig pc4200 kingston ram with heatsync
    320 WD 2.5 HD

    12v to 19v 120watt power supply BB10
    12v to 9v 2amp power supply logitech phone base/charger
    12v to 5.2 2amp power supply sony dvd
    12v to 5v 5amp power supply 10 port external hub
    12v to 5v 2amp power supply 4 port hub for future use

    i will post pics and some details as to power supplies, suppliers, trials and tribulations along the way. props to the mods for all their hard work SNO

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    Hey, love your hardware list...especially the 3G router, USB battery charger and Roxio A/V input! Nice touch!
    You've given me some nice ideas!

    However, I see your from Ontario...still using the Logitech handset?? Tsk, tsk!

    What kinda plan do you have with the Rocketstick?

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    i only use the handset when i am parked, since its wireless i can use around my truck or job site nice range too! for the rocket stick i have plugged into the router for always on internet, i stream my slingbox (diehard leaf fan), email, remote desktop, traffic cams, stream cam views from truck, skype... 100 bucks a month taxes in for data. i do installs for gps tracking for fleet vehicles and i need internet to verify installs have been populated on the platform so its really a business expense Thanks SNO

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    couple of pics of monitor, card reader in dash and lighter relocate SNO
    Attached Images Attached Images   

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    finally took so more pics...
    Still not sure on monitor size might go 9"

    DiNovo has own power supply

    HD Cam

    Close up of mount a simple conduit clamp attached to factory compass

    phone gets charged and active sync as well

    this is under the back seat

    added internal hub as well as 3 extra usb ports on back

    keeping with the computer-car mix sub and center from kit rest is factory speaks

    using the logitech speaks i get remote master volume knob

    rear seat monitor 11.5" non-touch


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    dear god, just imagining a truck with this in it gives me shivers. mm.

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    Man that is pretty intense. Look forward to more pictures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNOtwistR View Post
    finally took so more pics...
    Hi SNOtwistR

    Nice setup.
    Could you share with all of us both of the daytime and nighttime recorded videos? I plan to buy a LifeCam Cinema as well within shortly.
    Just want to make sure the webcam works as expected. (Maybe 30FPS during nightime record.)
    Thanks in advance!

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    i am going to try this carputer stuff here soon.. thanks for the pics.. i have a 06 FX4 super crew.. so this is helpful

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