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Thread: '05 BMW 330XI with Zune HD

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    System has been slightly updated since my last post

    1. Added Velodyne DF-10sc. Very rare 12 years old subwoofer with servo control. Simply the best sounding car sub I ever heard.
    2. After multiple listening tests Piccolo tweeters were replaced by OEM Vifa/Peerless tweeter from home acoustics ATC SCM-7/11/19. Like it much more than ScanSpeak, MicroPrecision and Hertz alternatives.
    3. 6.5" LCD in factory BMW board monitor has been replaced with new 7" Samsung LMS700KF07 LCD and controller ( All factory buttons are fully functional, however internal CD transport and tilt mechanism were removed to fit larger LCD. That's not an issue for me because CD in board monitor have no digital output hence it's way below Toslink CD changer in terms of SQ.
    4. Kramer FC-47 has been installed to get very high quality SPDIF audio from Zune's HDMI out. Toslink output has been added to FC-47 for connection with my Alpine H701.
    Toslink audio from Kramer sounds noticeable better that Zune's Toslink output.

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    My new BM with 7" HDMI touchscreen vs factory 6.5" BM

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    To fit 7" LCD into 6.5" frame I had to cut whole display assembly and extend it by 8mm. Frame around display assembly also has been shaved by 4 mm from each side.

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    wow, crazy man!!!

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