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Thread: 2007 Nissan Versa. Audio install with a carputer on the side

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    Nexson, so how small does a project have to be for you to interested? The projects I had proposed in the past have all been scaled down to small projects, something that wont stress you out. Thing is its a lot of small projects, like 5 of them. All though one of the five is so so big. Remember the bezel you did for me? I basically need to redo it to add three 7 inch screens to it. I think it will be easy though since I am using screens with headrest shrouds. You just have to make them all one piece. The other four projects are very small.
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    I could probably do the three small projects. you sure 3 7''s will fit.

    PS sorry original Poster.
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    Man...this is just awesome work!
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