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Thread: 05' Acura TL - Car PC + Radio LED Conversion

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    05' Acura TL - Car PC + Radio LED Conversion

    Finished Product:

    Here is a break down of all the things I needed to accomplish the job.


    • Plexiglas from Home Depot
    • Electrical Tap
    • Liquid Electrical Tape
    • Plastic Dip (spray rubber/plastic coating)
    • Sheet of MDF board (for enclosure)
    • 5mm blue LEDs
    • Elmers wood glue
    • Miscelanous screws, bolts and brackets
    • Replacement automotive carpet
    • Bucket of elbow greese

    • Dremel Tool
    • Cordless Drill
    • Soldering Iron
    • Hot-Glue gun
    • Xacto Knives
    • Large Clamps

    I go into a bit more detail with my original post on AcuraZine

    I have uploaded all the pictrues I took during the whole process.

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    very nice oem intergration. A+

    What is that huge device on your dash?

    IMO id get rid of the backlit ACURA logo near the shifter.

    Do all your a/c controls etc show up on the original acura lcd down below?

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    What is that huge device on your dash?
    That is a car dock for my Motorola Droid attached to the windshield. It is hooked up to my carpc via USB and I also wired in an external usb port on the side of it so that I can hook up and extra peripherals I might need external HD, dvd drive, etc.

    Yeah all the a/c controls work... that is the stock display behind the Plexiglas with the Acura logo. It use to be up where the LCD is now. Regarding the back-lit logo to each there own I suppose, I just didn't like the empty space that was down there. I think that part came out pretty good.

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    Props to you for the badass install!

    How much did you end up spending on all of that?

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    I kind of stopped keeping track but I would say around $1,300 - $1,500

    More than I had wanted to but once that ball gets rolling

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