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Thread: Marty's BMW e46 Convertible - Build 1...

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    Marty's BMW e46 Convertible - Build 1...

    Thanks for looking,

    I registered here many moons ago when I first started putting PCs in cars, made one for my "New Product Development" Degree project in my finial year, got a 1st for it.

    Fast forward 5 years and I have just bought this '06 BMW 320CD M Sport Convertible. I had the car 2 days and stared ripping it to bits to fit a few things. It's Stage 1 is complete. I will be adding mor over the summer;

    The car:

    Currently running:

    LiniITX 7" Touchsceen in dash
    Janus e46 Bezel
    Maser witch in ashtray for all power
    USB Hub under centre console
    Dell D620 laptop with 250G HDD, 2GB RAM, WiFi etc
    Colour Reverse Camera in boot lock with switch remote
    JVC DVD headunit in glovebox ih 3.4 TFT screen

    I kept a headunit as I can still use steering wheel controls, and the headunit is locked out of the way all the time, and good for radio (links to a DAB radio too)

    I will be replacing the laptop ASAP as this was a quick fix whilst I build the proper car PC

    2 more touchscreens i each headrest. GPS Mouse neededand also a wireless keyboard

    faceplate off headunit relocated to rear view mirror


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    Touch Screen

    I have an E46 convertible and am looking to do the same sort of install. Is that the Transflective screen or just a standard 7"? How bad is the glare in sunlight?

    Have you seen this link on E46fanatics for the "in dash" pc? Very nice!

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    Wow, nice guys!

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