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Thread: 2008 (facelift) Ford Focus Install

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    2008 (facelift) Ford Focus Install

    (Taken from


    I looked around for a while to see examples of installs for my new(ish) car - a facelift Focus 2008. But I couldn’t actually find anyone who had done it before. My previous install was posted here (will update links to photos):-

    My new install is pretty much finished, so you wont have to wait months to see the final product!!

    Unfortunately my previous MG was involved in an accident and I had to purchase a new car. I already had a car pc and a motorised single din screen. This setup worked well for me in the MG, and I was looking to use the same stuff in my new car. However, as the Focus had the potential for a double din installation, I decided to go with a different set up for my screen.

    Before all that, I wanted to update my pc case. I bought a Mo-Co-So case around 3 years back, so it did not have any of the extra connectors on the outside of the case:-

    I purchased some new parts from Mo-Co-So again (great service) which included a new screen in a double din case, GPS module and new case ends to give me holes to mount my new connectors.

    At this point, I started to make looms and install the connectors, LEDs and switches as required. I wanted to be able to disconnect the entire PC if I had to, so I made this as easy as possible. This involved making a new Mobo header to connect with the new LEDs and Switches:-

    While I was “preparing” the Case, I wanted to upgrade the speakers in the car to get better sound. Again, information about this was very scarce on the internet. So much so, that I found that the 5x7 speakers that I bought don’t fit!

    This is the car:-

    First things first, I removed the door card to have a look at the speakers:-

    As you can see, the speakers are not 5x7s…

    In fact, they are pop riveted in place!!

    Anyway, I decided to take em out anyway:-

    I scratched my head on what to do with the speaker, and noticed that they were 1 piece:-

    Of course, the next idea was to cut the speakers out completely!:-

    You can just make out where I cut the legs:-

    And ripped out the cone:-

    Now I had the speaker out, and a frame left:-


    The size looked kinda right, so I went on to my next idea:-

    These are JBL 16.5cm speakers out of my MG that I had to hand, and they pretty much fitted perfectly in the frame (bar the speaker surround tabs):-

    Once again, I put my dremel to use and cut out 4 small slots for the tabs, and cleaned up the back end:-

    Now, the speaker was a perfect, snug fit:-

    Next stage was the wiring. I wanted to use the original ford plugs and sockets:-

    Speaker side

    Car loom side

    As I had cut most of the speaker, I had to get a bit creative with the speaker plug:-

    And using a brace:-

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    So now that the speakers were done, I wanted a way to be able to remove the speakers in the future easily. Pop rivets would have to be drilled out, so I decided to use some nuts and bolts and some JBWeld:-

    I let it set overnight, and put the speakers in place the next day:-

    The JBL speakers were part of the component set so I found a place for the crossover:-

    And mounted the tweeters in the stock location using a glue gun:-

    Suffice to say, it was a vast improvement over the standard paper speakers!! Ive still to do the rears, so keep an eye on those later.

    By now, I was itching to get my pc into the car. I had finished all the case stuff, and even managed to get the internal cables tidied up to improve airflow:-

    The new case end:-

    I also drilled some holes over the CPU fan, as it had gotten pretty hot in the past (also the reason for the larger fan).

    Once I was happy with the wiring, I moved onto the car stuff.

    The space:-

    And my own additions – a USB port and a Illuminated Vandal switch to power the PC on\off with a red halo LED:-

    I routed all the required cables from the front to the back. This included power, USB and VGA extension. I also ran speaker cables to the back as I wanted to keep the original speaker wires in the doors and the original headunit plug.

    Up front I have a 4 port USB hub for a Silabs radio, the touchscreen controller, the front USB port and a space for my upcoming steering wheel joystick controller.

    Heres the mess of wires going to the PC (you can see where I made a new vent –to be sprayed black):-

    Onto the front screen. When I bought the “double din” case for the screen, I also decided to purchase a double din fascia adaptor for my car. However, when I managed to get both together, I found they didn’t quite match up! It turns out that you have a US double din and a European double din! So out came the dremel again and I manage to get the screen to fit like so:-

    I enlarged the whole in the fascia to accept the screen, and made some brackets to secure the screen too:-

    And this is how it looked:-

    Not flush, but good enough. Originally, I did think about fabricating the screen into the fascia to get it flush etc, but I wanted an install that I could transfer to another car, while still looking good.

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    Next step, into the car:-

    And with the dash back on, and really happy with the result:-

    Now as I removed the head unit, the next stage was to fit an amp. I had two lying around to use for the moment. I wasn’t too fussed with high power as I will only be running door speakers (need the boot space for work  )

    On the to-do list:-

    Spray case black
    Upgrade rear speakers
    DAB USB radio
    Adapt Ford steering wheel joystick to USB

    Comments and questions welcome!!


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    Here is the joypad I purchased for my steering wheel joystick conversion.

    As you can see, its a nice small size - small enough to be placed behind the screen. I will be using the 10 pin socket so that I can disconnect the steering wheel joystick easily if I ever need to.

    I will update as I go along.


    I sorted out the vandal switch and wired it up:-


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    very nice! i like
    quite a neat install

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    you have to tell me where you got those controllers from!
    I got it off ebay a while back. Shipped from Hong Kong and came in around £10 gbp. I cant find the seller, but here are a few others I found:-

    And I didnt know this existed but looks pretty good:-


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    Very impressed with how well you were able to integrate the new screen!

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