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Thread: Ford Focus XR5 Turbo (ST) 2007 - Carpc SonicX (Many Pics)

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    Thank you on the kind words, as for the screen i got it from Linitx ( I also got the 2m 3-in-1 extension cable to extend it to the front of the car. The screen is ok, it auto powers on / off, it auto switch's to reverse camera, it's brightness is ok (not direct sun light readable but) but to adjust brightness i need to go through the menu (i wish there was a dim input like OEM screens). As mentioned if i had my time again i would go for a 7" transflective screen as the 8" was just too close.

    Thanks, i currently use a 1.5m 2 channel 3.5 to RCA splitter cable from Nexxia ( seems to do the job ok.

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    First of all congrats on this clean install. Im going to do something similar to my focus. I'm liking the surround for your spare wheel in this pic

    Where did you get it, with all its individual holders for things, great idea.



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    Hello JasonD,

    Thank you,

    As for the storage space in the back the car came with it, all i did was cut some holes to allow the cables to run through.
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    This is an awesome car mod ! I'm planning (Well, I've already ordered the parts) to do the same to my car (Ford Focus '09 3door)

    Where did you find guides on how to open everything up ? Or did you just go for it and see where it went ?

    Thanks, Jv

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    Absolutely awesome how you integrated the controller. Nice work man.

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