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Thread: Ford Focus XR5 Turbo (ST) 2007 - Carpc SonicX (Many Pics)

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    Smile Ford Focus XR5 Turbo (ST) 2007 - Carpc SonicX (Many Pics)

    Well i have been a long time reader on this forum and i guess i have this place to thank for the many many hours i have spent on this project not to mention the money as well.

    Here is my little project i have called SonicX, it's been a love hate affair but i love her all the same.

    Also a big hello to all the Aussies on here, perhaps some of my learning's will help you out in your projects.

    The Car:
    • Manufacturer: Ford
    • Model: Focus XR5 Turbo (also known as ST in other markets) - LS (5 Door)
    • Colour: Performance Blue
    • Year: 2007
    • Engine: 5 Cylinder Turbo (Volve Engine)

    CarPC Parts:
    • Screen: LinITX 8" Widescreen LCD
    • Aopen MP965 MiniPC (similar to Mac Mini but is PC based)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1Ghz
    • Ram: 2GB
    • HDD: 200GB (2.5" Laptop HDD with g-force detect and head dis-engage)
    • PSU: Carnetix CNX-2140
    • Audio Stalk Controller Interface: Joycon (slows down PC post times)
    • Xbox controller (connected joystick and two exact buttons to button panel)
    • USB Hub: Belkin Powered 7port Hub
    • GPS Receiver: Mouse BU-353
    • Mic: Andrea SuperBeam Microphone
    • Bulgin Vandal Switch - Blue (PC on/off secondary button)
    • WiFi: Intel 4965AGN (Wireless N Mini Card network adapter card)
    • Ford Focus Double Din Adapter (Has been hacked up to accommodate screen)
    • Bluetooth: Mini Bluetooth Module for the Aopen MP965
    • Keyboard: Logitech diNovo Mini
    • Radio: Silab FM (yet to get working correctly)
    • Audio Amplifier: Kicker 5 Channel Amp ZX700 with Kicker slim 12" sub

    • Operating System: Windows XP SP2 created with nLite
    • Frontend: RideRunner
    • Skin: Carwings Dynamic (with some little mods)
    • GPS: iGo8 for PC with 2008 maps for Australia
    • Audio: Winamp
    • GPS Stream Splitter: xport
    • Joycon: To simulator keyboard key presses for Audio stalk button presses
    • XBCD & JoyToKey: To make use of the xbox controller and buttons

    • Get Radio working or upgrade to DAB+
    • Clean up my MP3 collection (expecting this will take some time)
    • Get Mobile phone connection working
    • Design my own frontend skin (be it for RideRunner or OpenMobile)

    Things I Have Learnt Along The Way
    • The joycon does slow down PC post time even if set bios correctly, approx 10 seconds, i can live with it for the time being
    • We Aussies are finally getting some options for GPS (iGo8 - but is not supported, Sygic, Destinator, Garmin) but the maps are outdated.
    • Do not skim on the screen (get transflective if budget permits)
    • Buy replacement car dash components to test, replace with (so when time to sell the car just put the original trim back in )
    • Work out your budget then times by at least 2 to closer to the real figure of what you will spend
    • Don't forget about your car's electrical system, including a battery upgrade
    • Many PSU's still draw power even when not in use, (i.e. finds battery flat after not driving for 1 week )
    • Plan out your install, check and check it again
    • Expect some difficulties along the way
    • There have been times i almost gave up and went a full after market system (more expensive but damn side easier)
    • For us Aussies expect to import alot from overseas (not many options in oz unfortunately)
    • Expect this hobby to **** off your loved one so budget for some gifts
    • There are some very talented people on here and lots of experience to learn from

    And Now For The Pics
    The Car

    The PC & PSU Power Button Hookup


    Car Center Console

    Little Button Panel

    Car Cabling

    USB Hub and Glovebox

    PC, Amp, WiFi Antenna Install

    SonicX signing out, questions feedback welcome.

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    I am curious about what kind of wifi adapter you're using? I know of pci and pci-e adapters, but their antennas connect directly to the card on the back on the pc.

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    Hello Metric1999,

    The WiFi adapter is the Intel 4965AGN PCIe network adapter card (Product Info)

    The network card has connectors to connect antenna's to it (see pic 4 above).

    Currently i only have the 2.4Ghz antenna's extended out and connected.

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    Beautiful car and very nice integration!
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Nice car...

    I've been procrastinating over my '07 LT for what seems like ages now. My biggest stumbling block was, I also bought a 8" widescreen, but then thought it wouldn't fit. You have the green Sony headunit where I have the red one. That means the hole in your fascia is square and mine is ovalish. Ford want $130 for a new one!!

    But, the widescreen fits OK? I also can't get the fascia off! I can unclip the lugs at the top but then I get stuck. Do I need to take of the heating knobs? OK, basically how do I remove the fascia?

    I started a worklog but stopped as we moved house. Hopefully this will pick up my interest again.

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    Thank you PhilG and tag141,

    Yes i have the square sony radio from factory (lights up green) in mid 2007 Ford changed to the rounded sony head units (light up red i think).

    As far as i'm aware you have to remove the facia (held on by clips) you then get access to the screws holding the radio in.

    Check out either: (The Aussie Forum), or

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulR View Post Aussie Forum)
    I bought my Focus from a dealer on there but as a forum it drives me mad. A decent thread will start and within a few posts it just degrades into a colour slanging match. I can't be bothered with that.

    I think I can work out from your photos where the clips are.


    The 8" widescreen fits without a problem in the radio space?

    Are you using the factory speakers?

    How do you connect the PC to the amp?

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    Hi tag141,

    The 8" sidescreen only just fits (approx 2 mm in height to spare) if i had my time again i would get a good 7" widescreen and use one of the double din adapters to integrate it into the dash.

    As for the speakers i did upgrade them from factory to something a little better (still users the factory wiring from where the head unit use to be).

    PC Audio is connected to the amp via 1 x 3.5mm to RCA cable (1.5m long) and i use the fader option on the amp to produce the 4.1 channels.

    On that note i was using 2 x 3.5 to RCA cables but found all by audio sources are 2 channel anyway and also the PC audio would thump on start-up (although i get around this by delaying the amp turn-on via the carnetix psu) if i use any audio out other than the main one (i.e. the top audio out).

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    I fell in Love with your focus! Beautiful Modification!

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    Sir, i am deeply impressed by your work! Nice Job!

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