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Thread: Beemer (BMW) E87 Carputer

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    Beemer (BMW) E87 Carputer

    Finished it a while ago but now it's time to share it too

    CarPC parts:

    Intel 510MO
    1Gb RAM
    160Gb 3.5« HDD (SSD - On hold)
    M2-ATX PSU
    7« Touchscreen with FlipUP (CID BMW)
    Andrea SuperBeam Microphone (Awaiting shipment)
    Ground Loop Isolator
    Rearview (backup cam) with EasyCAP
    PDC "CISBO SB323-4" with RobbyBMW PDC modul ( )
    Mini PCI-E WLAN+Bluetooth + Antenna
    NaviLock USB GPS SirfStar III
    ELM327 USB OBD-2 Scanner (Awaiting shipment)


    Windows 7
    Centrafuse 3.1
    GarminMobile PC


    Remove the original LCD & replace with it 7" touchscreen

    Since i didn't have a top storage dash i had to cut it with my dremel and make space for it

    Conected the CID FLIPUP with the radio so it flips on key contact

    flip -> radio
    pin 1 : terminal 30 (plus) -> Radio = pin 15 (red/green - thick cable)
    pin 3 : terminal 31 (minus) -> Radio = pin 12 (brown - thick cable)
    pin 5 : K_CAN High -> Radio = pin 11 (orange/green)
    pin 6 : K_CAN Low -> Radio = pin 9 (green)

    Motorized FLIPUP (CID)

    Old video using CF2.1

    GPS Hidden

    Center console with AUX,USB port (removed cigarette lighter)& SpaceNavigator

    Hub under the seat for GPS, OBD II, SpaceNavigator & Usb flashdrive

    PDC with CAM

    And here is the carputer

    Thats all folks! =)

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    very nice... good job! špica :-))

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    Very Nice Setup, from where did you get that USB plug ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post

    Although a bare motherboard that close to the battery?
    No problems till now.. well i'll get a chasis for the psu&pc soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by war085 View Post
    Very Nice Setup, from where did you get that USB plug ?
    I had a usb charger and ripped it apart (removed the unnecessary parts) and solder the usb cable to it

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    Lugi, this is the absolute best install I've seen yet. I love the fact that all factory equipment remains in place and the PC tucks nicely under the floor. The SSD HD will definitely hasten the boot time. Could you supply more details about where you got the CID? This is exactly what I was looking for, amazing job.

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    very very nice job.

    Do you have a bit of crop with the 7" going into the CID?

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    Awesome!!! What monitor did you sue to replace the original CID monitor? Is this a direct fit?

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    man one of the best cars I have seen. Please tell me where did you get the motorized LCD

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    CID (Flap Monitor) is from eBay(de) was around 150EUR including shipping

    Well i did crop inside the CID but not the viewing side because i don't have any experiance with fiberglass so i have a 7" in a 6.5" frame, using a custom resolution for CF. Maybe it's time to found some fiberglass master =)

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