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Thread: 1999 Acura Integra

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    1999 Acura Integra

    Hi all just finished my first Carputer in my Integra and wanted to share with all since I got most of my inspiration from your posts. Thx and sorry for the crappy phone pics!

    Here are the specs for the mobile PC install:

    ASUS eeePC 701SD
    Kingston 2GB 667MHZ DDR
    EFO wireless keyboard/touchpad
    Lillput 7" touchsceen
    Bybyte double din frame
    Metra double din kit (acura)
    Bosch type relay
    Momentary switch
    Old Asus mouse
    RJ-11 telephone cable
    Griffin ground loop isolator 3.5mm
    PAC RCA Ground loop Isolator
    200W power inverter
    Flat black Krylon paint
    Logitech 4 port USB hub
    Garmin Mobile PC

    Overview of install:

    Modified and Bondoed the Bybyte and Metra double din face plates together and then painted flat black.

    Removed the ashtray/cigarette lighter and modified to fit Pioneer HU.

    Installed track roller from Asus mouse on right side of the center console for easy scrolling.

    Installed USB charger for EFO keyboard and touchpad under HU.

    Installed IPOD and BB USB cable in center console by parking brake.

    Installed remote laptop power switch on center console.

    Installed Asus eee 701 in glovebox.

    Installed power inverter under driver seat.

    Installed custom carpeted covers under dash around center console to cover wiring.
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    Very Nice Setup.

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    Looks good. Do you have any overheating problems with the laptop in the glove box?

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