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Thread: 2007 Honda Odyssey with Factory Navigation

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    I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey with factory navigation, back up camera and a DVD player in the center row. My goal is to install a computer while maintaining full functionality of my factory components. I also intent to use the stock navigation screen to interface with the PC. This screen comes with a touch-screen feature. Below is a picture of the dashboard and the screen.

    One of the biggest challenges was to find a way to convert the VGA signal coming out of the computer and feed it to the factory screen, which uses RGB signal. A bigger challenge was to find a way to use the factory touch screen feature and use it with the PC. After lots of web surfing, I found two methods to accomplish these tasks.

    The first method involves disassembling the screen, cutting some wires and building some basic circuits. It also involves using a special device to convert the VGA signal to RGB. Here is the link that shows the details on how this method works.

    The second method consists of a “black box” called GA-Net+ that interfaces with the factory screen and allows you to convert the VGA signal to RGB and use the touch screen feature. The VGA signal is actually modified within the computer by tweaking the screen resolution so that it is visible in the factory screen. The GA-Net+ is plug and play. All the connections are made through the factory navigation computer. There is no need for disassembling, wire cutting, circuit building or installing extra equipment. Here is the link that shows the schematic of how this box works.

    After comparing both options, it is obvious that the second choice is the easiest and less painful. By not opening any of the factory components, the warranty is not voided. One thing to keep in mind is that this box only works with some motherboards. In general, it only works with boards that allow a screen resolution of 840 x 480, 60 Hertz, interlaced. This is a type of resolution that is very rarely used in the computer world, and hence; there are very few boards that support it.

    The sound is easily integrated through the auxiliary sound port. Here is a schematic of the project:

    Here is the list of components that I used for my project:

    Motherboard: ZOTAC GF8200 – C- E:

    Processor: Sempron LE-1300, 2.3Ghz, 64 bits, AM2 socket:

    Memory: 2 x 2GB DDR2, Rendition:

    Power Supply: DC to DC, M2-ATX, 160 Watts:

    Hard Disk: Seagate EE 25.2, 60 Gigabytes, automotive grade:

    Interface Unit: GA-Net+ (see URL link above.)

    Front End Software: Centrafuse 3.1, with customized Honda logo screen:

    Navigation Software: Garmin Mobile PC, embedded to CF:

    Here are some pictures assembling the PC:

    Now some pictures connecting the GA-Net+ to the factory navigation computer:

    Here are the pictures of the project after completion.

    As you can see from the last picture, I installed two remote USB ports. The GA-Net+ comes with the Map/Guide button pre-programmed to toggle back and forth between the factory stock and computer mode. Other buttons can be programmed to perform certain task as well. For example, the joystick is programmed to simulate cursor movement. An upward/downward push of the joystick causes the cursor to move in the corresponding direction. A center push of the joystick simulates a left mouse click.

    Here is a video of my project in action


    I'm new at this and just bought my honda odyssey 05 and would like to install it the pc, but it is impossible to get it where I live here, so where I can buy ? You can sell one?

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    hey where do you live? we are official distributor in North America but we can ship all over the world for you
    Let me know if you have any questions
    Happy New Year!
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