I finally got around to posting some pictures.
I have a 97 Mercury Mountaineer with the JBL Premium system.While installing my carpc I found out that the car already had a computer built in. I'll post some pictures of the stock system and documentation I found on Ford ACP.
It was quite sweet during the Clinton administration but, times change.
What I've installed.

1. m4-atx power supply
2. Mobile Authority 120 watt amp. Not the best but, I got it for free.
3. Intel D945gclf2 Atom 330
4.) Linksys Wifi
5.) Lilliput eby-701 Touch Screen
6.) GlobalSat Bu-353
7.)Linux ice(currently) Meego or Android in future (sorry tripzero)

Things to be done.
1.)Car whisper
7.)Script to add wifi to POI in Navit and Key to keyring.

First step was to go to a junk-yard and grab a new bezel.

A little planning

After a little dermel work

The Eby-701 monitor is simply press fit into the bezel. Surprisingly, It is very hard to tell that the monitor is not part of the bezel.

I have more pictures but, I need to go to bed. I'll keep updating.
The main issue I'm encountering is a very annoying hum. It only occurs when the computer is plugged into the amplifier. Other audio sources do not produce the hum.Hopefully, I should be able to eliminate the hum with a common ground.