Well hello mp3car.com!

I'm on carpc #3, I've purchased most of my gear through the site and I've lurked on the forums for a while now. Figured I would show off my old carpc setup, and showcase my new one as well.

As is the custom, here is a pic of the car:

And some shots of the setup:

The pillar gauges to monitor the dual battery setup:

Monitor for the dvd/ps2:

The specs were fairly low. Via 2ghz in voompc. PS2 in glovebox. 1 din in dash dvd. 3 screens, a pyle 7" lcd, 2 lilliputs touch screens. 2 bluetop batteries, an RV voltage isolator, and an uprated alternator.

I'm going to take some pics of the new car and setup and post these as well.