Hello ladies and gents. My 1st carpc build was on my beloved 04 Acura RSX-S (sold).

Intel d510mo
2gb mem with 160 hard drive
m2-atx PSU
Lilliput 629gl-70np/c/t
Rocketfish bluetooth adapter
Dlink Wifi adapter
Patriot Xporter boost 8gb flash drive for ready boost
Andrea Super Beam Mic
Voompc 2 Enclosure
USB cigarette port
Bazooka BTA850d 250w
Centrafuse 3.1

You can see where i mounted my voompc enclosure and the bazooka.

Best part about this project was the OEM amp and speaker sounded great with the pc.

I removed the pc and installed the old oem bose system back when i sold it.

My second and current carpc is in my 2010 Subaru WRX Premium (carpc specs are above with an added kicker 4channel amp).


The only part i didnt use from my old build was the top cover of the voompc. The bottom part was almost a perfect fit inside the dash. I secured it in the back with zip ties. M2-atx is at the top and the motherboard at the bottom. I was surprise with all the space this car had inside the dash.

I mounted the hard drive and fan on the back of the screen with a custom bracket i made (sorry i didnt get to take a picture of the that).


Here is where my USB cigarette port and mic.

I have the m2-atx timing set on B, bios set on S1 with windows sleep after power off and hibernate in 45min, perfect for getting gas and quick stops.

I plan to add an OBD-II usb reader and switch to a SSD hd. I also wanted to add GPS and Radio on this build but i figure the iphone with Navigon and tuneIn Radio apps works well connected through bluetooth.