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Thread: My IS200 Highly modified Electronics

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    My IS200 Highly modified Electronics

    Hey everyone thought I would share my car with everyone else see what people think

    Ok here is the progress so far, I got the car in late 06 and said that I would not touch it I liked it just the way it was I mean it was the IS200 Sport in Scarlatti red with the Lexus styling kit standard Lexus alloys premium sound system etc.

    Alas this didn’t last long 1st thing I had to change the radio so after much hunting around I chose the Kenwood DDX-6029 and got to fitting as some of you might know the sport comes with its own amp and runs a digital system in the car so no left and right feed to the amp but digital signals very annoying

    So after much playing about I made a bypass lead (there wasn’t one on the market when I got the car but there is now )

    However I missed the bass that I had in my old car so out came the standard speakers and Infinity's went in along with an Alpine V12 and Lanzer Vibe Amp

    As you can guess it didn’t stop there, I found my self addicted to putting bits on, so the fun and games started

    Mirror closing module was created and fitted

    Then Hands free Kit ck3200

    Then LED Foot well lights Varad RGB

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    then I noticed that only the drivers window had 1 touch I couldn’t be doing with this time for total closure and one touch system I had a few DEI 530 box's left over from a few previous cars so these were redesigned and put to use however Lexus wiring is a pain so had to put wires into each door LONG so anyway these box's also offering a venting system via a remote or button in the car etc very good in hot weather...

    This now gets us to a few more bits of fun we all hate little bollards when parking or finding some one has got right up close behind the car so I thought its time for a rear view camera but stealthy

    I then needed some new tyres so whilst the wheels were off the car and it was jacked up (thought id get them refurbed at the same time I painted the callipers
    So from this

    To this

    Spare wheel was dirty im ashamed to say lol
    Then for a little bit of time I didn’t do anything was not to well etc

    JAE came and went where we fitted a supercharger to a friend’s car made me want 1 like crazy, so 2k later I had one
    Standard engine bay

    Full engine Bay

    Car didn’t seem to have enough noise and grunt so I upgraded the filter to a K&N and gave it a full on service and it found its balls once again

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    But there was something holding it back………………………

    ahh yes the exhaust plain standard nothing special so a friend sold me his Blue flame

    it arrived like this

    Went on the car like this

    So old exhaust off

    New exhaust Ready NO expense spared even on the bubble wrap lol

    I then had an accident when parking and kerbed the passenger Rear wheel not happy, then had a brain wave my mates BMW had reverse dip mirrors I wonder if I can get that on mine of course Lexus were no help so off I went and found my own way

    So here we have a box of tricks Universal as long as they have the up down function lol

    Fitting was not easy

    Now as you read above I fitted a rear camera so why not a front one I thought so I did

    By this time I was starting to run out of little things to do, so had a long hard think and realised a bigger intercooler was needed
    This big

    As you can see the standard TTE one is the baby thing underneath

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    Whilst the bumper was off I fitted some LED's to the grill to light the intercooler at some of our car meets (only at meets)

    Whilst in the process I changed my side lights to LED sidelight strips

    I also Fitted 6400k HID I did wire these in non standard they basicly take a trigger from the normal light circuit to activate a relay which draws power direct from the battery this = no dips when cranking.
    You can buy these relay kits buy my thoughts why buy when you can make!!

    So now that I had the bigger cooler the bigger exhaust I then realised I had no way of telling what it was doing pressure wise etc, now most people have gauges on the A pillar in the Is200 or then have them mounted in the centre console. Now me being me wanted to be different I wanted the best of both worlds gauges in the middle but stealthy, so I hunted until I came across the HKS Camp 2 System very cool
    It arrived like this

    Doesn’t look like much but a pain to wire in but how wrong was I…

    So all working and here is the kiddy

    I was happy until I tried driving and looking at the gauges then realised they were to low down so time for a rethink

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    Now the is200 comes in a navigator model as well but the sat nav is out of the arc luckily I didn’t have it in mine I so I thought why I don’t put a touch screen in the standard housing so I got to work

    Part a

    Part b

    Take them all apart have a juggle with the wiring and you get

    So on to Fitting in the car

    Here we have it working

    Did I mention it was toucscreen so I also have an INCAR pc well my laptop in the glove box at meets lol!!!

    Since then I have also fitted TTE Coilovers and TTE ARBS but no pics of these im afraid as the weather was a bit dodgy once fitted I took the car to Wheels In Motion and Dr Bones did a full Geo set up car handles perfectly now and no inner tire wear yippee

    whilst it was there I also got the arches rolled so I can now fit a Nice set of 18's on or 19s if I really wanted but then it might sit a tad to low in the wheel arch will have to see....

    So this now sees up until about December 09 I now started to feel the car was lacking some bling!!
    So I invested in the following
    Stainless Steel Radiator Panel
    Stainless Steel Suspension Tops
    TTE Supercharger Badges

    Chrome Lexus Steering wheel Badge is shown above

    Now I have done some cosmetic things back to the fun stuff
    LED Dash Lights.

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    Now lets take something from a late spec car and make it work in mine…

    Take one standard centre section

    Beat it with a dremel

    Test Fit switch

    Now make the circuit to control the car

    Circuit mk 1

    Circuit Mk2

    So now we have the Switch In the console and we have the circuit so time to join the 2

    I don’t really agree with taping cables if it’s a install so I use heatshrink and braid

    Here is the finished article

    Security system active

    As you see the car wont start

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    As you read above I had temporary car PC using my sony Vaio so now is time for a proper job
    One pc

    One GRS Receiver

    One Cd Player

    One OBD2 Reader

    One Ipod

    One AV Input

    The pc uses a program Called Centrafuse here is the front end

    You will have also read a bit further back in this thread about my arches being rolled well that was in preparation for the new wheels so we went from these

    To These

    Also spent the weekend washing and detailing mine and a mates car

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    My Update

    Well as some of you will have seen i sold my supercharger and a few other bits from beloved car this was to fund a new project. As i am sure some of you have seen now Bandit has got his old car back this is because i bought the car for the turbo kit that was on there and did chris a deal for his old car to which he has started a new thread :thumbup::thumbup::w00t::w00t:

    So to sum up i have a turbo kit fitted to my car producing 282bhp
    So parts on the car are
    Big intercooler
    IKE engineering Turbo Manifold

    Ike Enginering Down Pipe 3”

    IKE Engineering Centre Pipe
    AEM FIC (fuel and Ignition Controller)

    550cc Injectors
    Supra Fuel Pump

    Stainless stel fuel Lines with Aeroquip fittings
    GT30 Roller bearing Turbo

    Tial Waste gate 50mm

    100mm Custom Induction with Apexi Filter
    Custom Intercooler Piping 60mm
    UPrated Helix Clutch
    Apexi Back Box
    Iridium 7 Spark Plugs
    Standard Fuel Regulator

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    ok so we now have another section of my project completed see details below, there are not alot of pictures of the production stage but mainly the finished article.

    so anyway 1st things 1st i had to but another screen, after having a liliput screen in my nav housing which seemed to perform wonderfully i hunted for the smae model again.

    liliput 619gl

    i then attacked this to make it fit inside the standard IS200 Fascia adaptor alot of you are familiar with The walk through HERE

    the same principal applies except i cut the existing screen housing apart to make it fit inside the hole

    i then used Hurricane & plastic filler to smooth it all followed by primer and paint

    So yeah umm here is the finished article in the car

    shortly after this i took the pc back out the car to do some work mainly software based but as its been slow due to weather lately

    Main thing was to: -

    install a Relay board Driver
    Windows Updates
    Adjust PSU boot times etc (carnetix PSU2410) adjusted by pc software
    Customize background of software
    attempt to fix satnav problem...

    well out of all the above the Sat nav is still outstanding, don't think that's to bad considering lol

    Lets start with the background this is done via a Hack in centrafuse once installed you can place pictures into the images directory and either have them rotate through each time it boost or lock it to a image.

    i chose a pic of my car which has been customized

    So here is before

    pic after

    so with this installed i then moved onto the Realy board, the whole reason for this is im running out of places to install switches lol , this particular board runs on USB with a 12v input and can switch 12v via relays so i have assigned 4 circuits to start with

    Circuit 1 - Inter cooler
    Circuit 2 - Strobe Lights
    Circuit 3 - Front Camera
    Circuit 4 - Audio Amps.

    the software has been developed to work as a hack so once installed will automaticly install the relevant task area and buttons on the Centrafuse front End

    Labelled up circuits ok only 2 labelled but you get the idea

    here is the board in test status on my Living room floor

    as you can see LED2 is illuminated this means that the Relay is now in the Normally open position closing the circuit thus giving me a 12v output on that switch

    when you press a button on the touch screen the button illuminates green to indicate its operation

    the board can be set with 2 system
    syetem one to allow toggle press (so it flashes the output upon being pressed non latching)


    System two Latched output (a single press on the circuit will latch the output and stays latched until pressed again)

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    OK well this is following on from the group buy here

    As discussed a lot of you would like to see this system in the flesh and know how easy it is to install, so i went ahead and got 2 kits, to be experimented on 2 different types of set ups

    So here is the good news

    they are here in my flat ready to rock and roll

    If i get a chance this weekend i will get the push start part of the system installed so you can all see that running the proximity bit needs a bit of research as i have an after market alarm.

    If i can however Fit this into mine then all those with After market alarms on any vehicle will be able to do the same.

    ---------- Post added at 08:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:30 AM ----------

    OK so we start of with the System i removed all the wires that i didnt need from the proximity circuit that left me with a total of 7 Cables to terminate as shown below

    i then moved on to narrowing these down for install purpose due to the fcat i have a after-market alarm on the car it makes it interesting to install.

    With a after-market alarm i need to be able to activate and de active the alarm in doing so this will unlock the doors and turn off the immobiliser.

    so my way of doing this was to mimic the operation of the lock and unlock on a G5 remote i disabled all other buttons PERMANENTLY and here is the result of that

    so once i had tested this by shorting the 2 wires together the car locked and unlocked accordingly.

    now with this in mind i worked out the best way to take the lock and unlock signals from the proximity unit and have them bboth trigger the clifford alarm.

    THis was done by taking a relay adding 2 diodes to one side of the coil
    then the lock wire went to one diode the Unlock wire went to the other give a constant 12v to the other side of the coil on the relay.

    in doing this it stopped the circuit getting any feedback into the main Brain whilst allowing both Lock and unlock to trigger the same switch.

    i then made this a little neater and dressed the cables

    so now onto the fitting of the unit

    Rear mounted antenna position

    Front mounted antenna Position

    I also put the by pass unit in here as well so everything is nice and hidden

    i ran the cables from the front to the rear of the car under the carpet as shown here

    Once all the cables were routed through it was time to connect up all the connections you need are located by the steering column

    Constant 12v (red) 18AWG
    ACC 12v (Small Red) 18AWG
    Ground (Black) 22AWG

    to trigger the lock and unlock
    Lock (Green) 18AWG
    unlock (Blue) 18AWG

    ---------- Post added at 08:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:31 AM ----------

    Full Car Specs

    Scarlatti Red Is200 sport With Full Factory Body kit
    (bumper and kit re-sprayed in 2007)
    Colour Coded Sport Grill

    Suspension and Wheels
    TTE Anti Roll Bars
    TTE Coil over’s 45mm
    19" vermiri Wheels

    Bigger intercooler
    Uprated Earthing kit
    HKS Camp 2
    Boost sensor
    OIL Temp Sensor
    EGT Sensor
    OBD Reading
    IKE engineering Turbo Manifold
    Ike Engineering Down Pipe 3”
    IKE Engineering Centre Pipe
    AEM FIC (fuel and Ignition Controller)
    550cc Injectors
    Supra Fuel Pump
    Stainless stel fuel Lines with Aeroquip fittings
    GT30 Roller bearing Turbo
    Tial Waste gate 50mm
    100mm Custom Induction with Apexi Filter
    Custom Intercooler Piping 60mm
    UPrated Helix Clutch
    Apexi Back Box
    Iridium 7 Spark Plugs
    Standard Fuel Regulator

    Cosmetic Inside / Outside
    blue Silicone Hoses
    Red Cable Tubing
    Painted Callipers
    Stainless Steel Radiator Panel
    Stainless Steel Suspension Tops
    Relocated Front Horns
    Stainless Steel Aircon Rings
    Smoked Rear Lights
    Arches Rolled
    Stainless Steel Lexus badge
    Stainless steel Kanji badge

    Lighting Internal/External
    6000k HID Dipped Beam
    6400k Main Beam
    8000k Fog lights
    LED Eye brow Side lights
    PACE car strobes
    Intercooler Lights
    Blue foot well Lights
    Blue Ignition Ring
    Fog to Brake Conversion

    In Car Toys
    Reverse Camera
    Reverse Dip mirror
    Front mounted camera
    Custom Dash Pc system (full Touchscreen)
    7" touch screen in Nav Housing (HKS Camp 2)
    Auto Window roll up on arming
    One Touch on all Windows
    Clifford Avant Guard 5.5
    Clifford Call Guard
    Push Start Ignition
    Blue Instrument Cluster
    remote start
    Leather Arm rest
    Full Leather Interior
    Custom Touchscreen Radio system
    HD radio
    Carnetix PSU2410
    Acer Aspire Revo
    Car Pc/sat Nav
    USb Video Input
    Proximity lock/unlock

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    love your car man, thumbs up for your creativity. I like how you integrated everything in a circuit and keep it clean.

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    Very nice. I'm just waiting for you to put in a 2JZ-GTE and call it a day *lol*

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    Damn that's alot of work you did on the car. Looking good

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    USB Interface card


    Where did you get the USB interface for Centrafuse ? I'd like to do the same, but never found out what works with centrafuse...

    // Per.

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    very nice car. damn... i wish i could get a supercharger for only 2k!
    New System in progress:
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Dynaudio MD130
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Seas g18rnx/p
    Zapco Ref 500.1 ~ 12" tc-9
    Behringer DCX2496 ~ Envision Electronics psu
    Transflective Xenarc

    My Car Pc Install
    My Boat Pc worklog

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott_fx View Post
    very nice car. damn... i wish i could get a supercharger for only 2k!
    im hooked on your install... quick question. do you have any other information (manufacturer, model, etc..) for the keyless pushbutton system you are using?
    New System in progress:
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Dynaudio MD130
    Phaze TD1500 ~> Seas g18rnx/p
    Zapco Ref 500.1 ~ 12" tc-9
    Behringer DCX2496 ~ Envision Electronics psu
    Transflective Xenarc

    My Car Pc Install
    My Boat Pc worklog

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