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Thread: 100% Custom mini-ITX Double DIN car PC for my Tacoma

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    Red face 100% Custom mini-ITX Double DIN car PC for my Tacoma

    Hey everyone,

    Project Story (feel free to skip this part :P ):

    It all started with the v1 which was nothing else than a Infill G4 PC (double din) that I installed in Dash using a schoshe kit. Install pictures can be found on this page:

    I was not entirely satisfied with a few things about the computer though: lack of power, no upgrades, some annoying hardware/driver bugs, the not so great quality of the touchscreen ... just to name a few.

    I did like the fact it fits a Double Din enclosure very much, and being able to access email/web from my car (using my Blackberry modem) in addition to all of the other things a standard radio/nav system can do really convinced me to keep using a car PC.

    About a year ago, I really started looking for a standard Double Din enclosure that would be able to host a Mini-ITX motherboard which can feature decent and low power CPUs (read new generation Intel Atoms!). I didn't find a single case for the simple reason it is just too tight.

    Then I realized that my 2nd gen. tacoma has this nice curved front panel with about 1" of free space between the bezel and the front end of a Double DIN A/V unit. This 1" was all I needed to fit a mini-ITX motherboard.

    That's what got me into designing and prototyping a custom double din mini-ITX enclosure.

    Motherboard: Zotac NM10AE that features a Dual Core Intel Atom D510 CPU:
    Memory: 2GB DDR2
    Hard Drive: SSD Intel 30GB
    PSU: M3-ATX
    Touchscreen: 8" liliput with HDMI
    Networking: Wifi built-in the Zotac motherboard
    Networking: Ethernet connection to a Netgear Access point (installed in the glove box)
    Networking: tethering over Blackberry for 3G internet access (connection is shared to the access point so that people in the truck can have access to the internet using wifi)
    Audio: Built-in 5.1, only using 4.0 though.
    Audio: 4x 40W amp - final design is likely to use an enclosure-less amp to save some space and gain some W
    Software: Windows XP SP2
    Software: Blackberry Desktop software
    Software: Centrafuse 3.5
    Navigation: USB Globalsat BU-353

    Project details and pictures:
    This is my original Infill G4 (that I've sold recently)

    Here is the case that I've designed (the front panel isn't attached)

    fit check with Motherboard, PSU, SSD, Amp..

    Fit check again, different view

    Inside the case... (sorry that one is blurry)

    Amp attached to the inside of the top panel (cheap amp for the purpose of testing the all project)

    Metra kit that will be used without the additional provided frames. and painted silver to match the Vent panel below

    closed unit with the original black anodize front bezel (I've had it remachined and refinished because I was not satisfied with the anodize quality, now I sand blasted it before anodizing it's much better, pics later)

    mock-up with the Metra kit (before paint!) and the unit (with original finish)

    and that is the unit with the 8" touchscreen attached to the unit using a articulated arm for custom positioning.

    adjustable rail for HU bracket

    Front Bezel rev2 (sand blasted + anodized)

    Front Bezel Rev2 installed

    8" display installed

    Side View

    Adjusting software...

    sorry for the pics quality, it's all Cell Phone pictures and I haven't taken the time to take pictures. But this project has been going for a few months now and as I get close to being finished I figured I'd start preparing this "worklog". I will try and keep it updated.

    Don't hesitate to ask any question! I will be adding more pictures and finishing this in the next couple weeks hopefully!

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    Looks like you did a great job on the case. I'll be interested to see your updates.
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    small update

    adjustable rail for HU bracket

    Front Bezel rev2 (sand blasted + anodized)

    Front Bezel Rev2 installed

    8" display installed

    Side View

    Adjusting software...

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    Wow, that's some awesome fabrication. I'm really impressed with the lcd mounting arm. Certainty unique, and very cool looking.
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