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Thread: 1999 Isuzu Rodeo CarPC

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    1999 Isuzu Rodeo CarPC

    I completed the installation of my Motorola Xoom tablet tonight. I had to switch the pocket and head unit, and mount the desktop dock to the pocket. There is a car charger plugged into the back that is held in place using dum gum to keep it from coming unplugged. I added 2 power ports behind the radio that are fused to power the PC dock for charging, and the Sirius radio.

    After blocking the rest of the pocket I made a back plate. For support and put a tab on each side to hold the PC in place. Sorry about the poor quality pics I will come back in the morning with some better ones.
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    That looks nice. How do you like the xoom? Im torn between getting the iPad 2 or the Xoom. I think app wise, the iPad 2 is the better choice. But freedom wise the Xoom is the winner.
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    I really like the Xoom, less than 2 hours after picking i up I sold my laptop. For right now the I pad 2 is better for apps but the Xoom will catch up fast, flash will also be released tomorrow, with the free upgrade to 4g, and the SD card allowing you to add an additional 32GB of storage The cameras on the I pad are lower quality,

    There are several other thing I could mention that I believe makes the Xoom a better choice.

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