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Thread: Xoom tablet car dock

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    Xoom tablet car dock

    Unfrtunatly I posted this in the wrong section earlier but I wanted to get it here where it should be.

    I recently built a docking station in my 1999 Rodo to hol my Motorola Xoom tablet and charge it. I started with the Xoom, desktop dock a few sheets of ABS and several different types of glue. A power port which I hardwired behind the head unitfused at 15 amps.

    First thing I had to do was remove the head unit and put it below the factory pocket. Then I drilled a hole in the top of the pocket big enough for the connector on the car dock to go through. Then I mounted the car dock to the inside of the pocket and then closed off the pocket on each side of the dock using ABS cut to fit.

    Then I made a back plate for support and added a tab on each side to hold it in place in case I hit potholes, etc.

    The 2 hardest parts were attaching the dock to the pocket and figuring out how much of the dock had to be stickig out of the bocket for the Xoom to clear the bezel around the head unit.

    After this was completed I removed the back plate to wrap it in vynal to keep the Xoom from getting scratched.
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    Moved to android section.

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