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Thread: Mazda MX-5 1.8 '94 starting new project

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    Mazda MX-5 1.8 '94 starting new project


    My name is like the username Vincent, i'm from the netherlands. I drive an Mazda MX-5 1.8 from 1994. I Almost do everything by meself. For instance all the electronics i diy.

    Some of the mods i did
    -lights on with acc on.
    -RFID car alarm with push start putton. The car is completly keyless, just simply walking to the car opens the doors and it is ready to start.
    -DIY coming home/leaving
    -Automatic headlight leveling.
    -almost everylight is replaced with led.
    And alot of other things. To much to write here:P

    some pics/video's
    click on it for video.
    Example Off-ACC-ON

    starting the car with a push on the button, same button as lexus

    Interior pics, not the greatest pic but you get the idea.

    And of course the car itself

    Some older pics

    Why i registerd here,

    I want to control everything with a carpc. Not just like a digital button, but just like bmw idrive or something. for example. Control how long the lights stay on after shutdown. Now the lights are on with ACC on just by an relay. But i want to let the pc control that, if the pc gets an acc signal than the pc must turn the headlights on. And also that i can turn it on or off. Get it?
    Another example, also want an temp meter outside the car, if the temp gets below 0 degrees celsius, the pc must turn on the seatheaters. Or let the pc control the windows when theres no more ACC signal or something like that.

    I hope you guys can help me with all of these, its a very complicated progress that will take alot of time.

    My english is not the best right now sorry for that.

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    how did you do the keyless entry modification? I've heard a couple ways to do this, but not that are done in a way that I want to follow

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    It was something from a chinese site, its a car alarm but completely keyless.

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    Your English is fine, don't apologize. You're doing better than most Americans.

    ---------- Post added at 10:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:04 PM ----------

    Oh, and more to the point with the actual thread, nice work!
    I have a 1989.5 (1990 model year, early production) Miata and I will likely be doing a PC in that at some point. Mine will be ICE only, unlike your automation aspirations. Really cool, though and I wish you the best on it!
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.

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    Here is the list of all the mods

    Classic Red Mazda MX-5 1.8-16v 131bhp '94

    Drag wheels DR20 black machine faced 15x7 et40 with Vredestein sportrac 3 195/50/R15
    14inch Autec winterwheels
    Lightweight wheelnuts 26.5g p/s
    Front airdam lip spoiler
    Rear lip spoiler
    Rear spoiler
    Licenseplateholder in front
    Black clear citylights/flasher with LED White/orange
    Black/orange sideflashers with LED
    Black/orange sidemarkers met LED
    backuplights and rearfoglights LED, wit-rood
    front foglights met LED verlichting
    Bi-Xenon projectors with Xenon 8000K
    Hardtop heated
    Softtop heated

    Nardi Classic line leather polish spokes 36cm
    Nardi Classic hub
    IL Motorsport pedal set
    Chrome interior accesoires
    Chrome stylebar
    Cool breeze scoop
    Black leather seats
    Seat heaters
    Auto lights on with ACC
    Led cluster
    Passive Keyless Entry RFID car alarm PE302WP wit Lexus Push Start Button
    B480 brake alert
    DRL module
    Coming home/leaving function
    Firmtec DSL4 sequential shift light
    Interieur delay timer
    LED in trunk

    12 degrees timing
    Cold air intake

    Strut brace front and back
    Eibach 35mm lowered
    Strut brace engine

    Pioneer AV 3200BT
    Audison SRX4 amplifier
    Caliber amplifier
    Polk Momo MMC6500
    2x2 Boschmann PR-3006V headrest speakers
    Pioneer subwoofer TS-WX50A

    Hood lifters
    Trunk lifters

    And my todo list is even bigger i think not made it yet. Mostly engine,handling and electronics

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    Have you weighed your car since adding all these things? I would be curious as to how much total weight it added.
    Electronics work on magic smoke - don't let it out.

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    That car is a beauty. I've always wanted one and someday intend on getting one. You're in the right place for a carputer.

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