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Thread: '98 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - My new ride!

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    '98 Toyota 4Runner SR5 - My new ride!

    Hey guys,

    So it's been a while since i've last posted here, and that's mainly cause I've been busy with other things, such as working, saving money, going to school, graduating (I have an engineering degree!), and buying a new car/truck. I found a '98 Toyota 4Runner on Craigslist for a good deal, got it checked out by a mechanic, and purchased it. So naturally, the first thing i did was strip the car pc system from my old car (here's my old post. I ended up making a fiberglass enclosure for my screen which was much better than that bondo work, but i never felt like posting about it).

    Some hardware:
    7" Lilliput touch screen
    Acer Aspire Revo running Win 7 Home Premium (used to be XP) + Road/Ride Runner - I love this thing
    Alpine V-Power MRP-F300 4/3/2 ch. amp
    Dual something-or-other 2 ch. amp
    8 or 10" Dual subs (I bought these subs and the sub amp all from a friend for $75. Nothing special, maybe looking to upgrade soon)
    Sony something-or-other 3-way 6x9 speakers (rear)
    stock (i think) speakers for the front.

    Anyways, here's me all happy with my new truck:

    The sub box. The wood things on the ends are boxes i made to mount my 6x9s - I might cover them w/ carpet some day

    Getting all the hardware set up (upgrading to win 7, etc)

    Here's how i mounted the screen in the dash. The vertical dimension of the screen couldn't have fit better, although there was about a 1/2" gap on each side. You'll see my ghetto fix for that in a sec. It's being held on there with 4 sheet metal strips epoxy'd into the dash and bent behind the screen.

    you can see the epoxy below:

    The cable coming off is some Cat5 running to the screen's button board

    There's the ghetto fix. I actually don't think it looks too bad:

    The button board (haven't figured out a clever way to mount these yet:

    There it is on and running in the dash:

    The (pretty much) finished product in the back:

    There's the computer and such mounted between the back seat and the sub box. Notice the power distro block above it:

    This is the slew of cables running under the seats up to the dash:

    It's really only 4 cables though: VGA (bottom), USB for the touch screen (black), and the top two are USB extension cables for misc. purposes:

    The top switch is a manual shut off for the amps (they're still hooked into the acc. line though), and the bottom button is the power button for the PC. That nasty hole below them was already there, so I went ahead and put my two misc. usb cables through it.

    Well that's about it. Some things i'm looking to do/add in the future:
    Carpet for the speaker enclosures
    Aux input using the line in jack (btw, is there an RR plugin for this?)
    Still need to put my usb DVD drive somewhere. I might keep it in the back just to avoid messing with the dash again.
    External sound card with 4.1 sound - I'm just using 2 RCA Y-cables to fill all 4 channels right now
    A dock for my HTC Evo (any ideas? I was thinking of using the cupholder somehow underneath the clock on the dash)

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    Haha yeah, it looks sketch, but it's not being held up by the tape. You can kind of the the pieces of metal bent over the screen to hold it there (which are epoxy'd pretty well to the dash):

    The tape is there more for a bit of protection and to keep the cables from going everywhere

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    you gotta be really careful with duct tape-- some of it is conductive..

    but good work on the install!

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    nice job ,great .

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