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Thread: My Volvo XC60 Andoid tablet (final images)

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    My Volvo XC60 Andoid tablet (final images)


    I bought my Volvo XC60 without navigator, basically because I don't want to pay 3000 euros for a limited, closed and 2D navi.

    I was looking for an android tablet because of easy integration and the thousands of free or cheap applications available.

    I bought this tablet:
    . Viewsonic Viewpad 7". capacitive 7" screen, 3G, WiFi, BT, G-sensor, multimedia, etc.

    I have internet (WiFi/3G), OBD-II (Torque), an inclinometer, On-road (Sygic) and Off-road (TwoNav) navigators, etc, etc, etc.
    I bought a cheap bluetooth OBDII sensor in DealExtreme (the blue one) and it works good.

    I tried some front ends, but I think Android is friendly enough.

    All works good: the multimedia, navigators, OBDII, ...even, if I like the radio music, I can see author with Soundhound.
    The tablet is connected to cigarette supply through USB wire (5V/2A).
    The 3.5mm sound output is connected to my car AUX input

    I also installed "noBlock" app to avoid blocked screen, and "Softkeys" app to use the classical four Android buttons with the touchscreen. (I cannot use the hard buttons because there is no space to show them)

    The tablet can stand up to 100 hours in "stand-by mode", and it starts automatically when it detects external supply. When I stop the car, the tablet puts in a low battery mode. The Tasker application do it very well. But, if the car remains stopped more than 100 hours, the tablet shutdowns definitely and pressing the ON button is required to start it again.

    Well, if once a yaer I need to push On button, it takes 3 minutes to open the dash and press the button.

    I love Tasker. You can automatize tasks as:
    . send an email/sms when you are arriving home
    . send me an email with gps position if car is moving without me inside
    . change sound volume depending on speed
    . change screen light depending on date/time

    The car integratin was easy. I bought the original Volvo navigator version dash, with the 7" hole in it, so I change the closed dash for navigator dash. Then, I fit the tablet in this correct position.

    Here some images...

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    Next steps:

    . Look for a Wifi/BT rear camera
    . Find a way to select sound output (car speakers / tablet speakers) depending on application

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    Jaylo (Ha funny guy name),

    Looks good. A tablet in the wife's car is definately my next project.

    Possible future project for you would be to mold a tablet dock into the dash above your A/C vents. Then you could slide your tablet in and out of the dock and take it with when your not in the car. If you can get behind your dash in 3 min, theives can do it in 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ofakind View Post
    Possible future project for you would be to mold a tablet dock into the dash above your A/C vents. Then you could slide your tablet in and out of the dock and take it with when your not in the car. If you can get behind your dash in 3 min, theives can do it in 1.
    Yes, but they don't know what it is. When tablet is off it seams the Volvo original screen, which is not interesting to steal.
    And to take with me, I already have my inseparable iPhone.

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    Just a warning for you, I've got a Viewpad7 as well, I flashed mine with a new ROM because some app was using all the inbuilt storage, and now I have awful battery life, even when it's in standby. I pretty much have to take mine out of the car to charge it every week now, I've tried a few different ROMs and even restored it to the original ROM, haven't been able to sort the issue.
    My screen also wasn't turning off by itself until I restored to the original ROM either. Lol, quite a few times I've come back to my car and the screen was on, even at night, I've been lucky no-one tried to lift it... Luckily it sends me an SMS if anyone removes it from the dock.

    I'm keen to see if you can get wifi/bt camera going as well, I've got friends who would be keen to Android their car as well if they can hook up a reversing camera to it.

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    awesome install bro

    my car pc:

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    Thank you, bm23. I will keep original ROM.

    Anyway, is it possible to upgrade to Android 2.3?

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    Hi, Jaylo,
    you did an awesome job
    You inspired me to install me tablet in my volvo.
    I've already done half of the job, but currently I am facing the problem that there is not enough space for my tablet there, it does not feet well. I can see that you placed some additional rails. Did you make any changes to the plastic details?

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