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Thread: Jeep Grand Cherokee 7.1 Audio

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    Guessing OS is win 7 doing by one of the screen shots up above and possibly using windows media centre as well?

    I have to question... Why would people think 7.1 does not work in a car? Wiring is not a hassle. Balancing is about the only problem that we have come across..
    2004 Holden WL Caprice Auto GENIII
    Base System = Raspberry Pi
    Everything else is pending for now as switched from a Mini-ITX setup

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    Vista Ultimate so my HTC Tilt Windows PDA CE Pro 6.1 match and do dash screen in screen sync touch with all apps
    Same at home so the Bluetooth internet network tether works all around
    No apple, android or sys 7/8 alternative yet that does what I can do now...

    The key was a great little free program called "MyMobiler" that lets you see and operate the PDA phone screen on the in-dash VGA monitor including sync touch screens. "(". I also have a 32gig in the phone with all the music, videos, pictures, internet tether, cell and GPS voice turn-by-turn data. My cell phone is what actually drives the system.

    Best part is the full blown smartphone, car and home all sync via Bluetooth whenever I get in or out of the car. After filming fireworks we watched the playback in VGA Hi-Fi the way home...and then finish at home. It’s like having your own cloud.

    For the in dash screens I just used a simple background and set all the icons for extra large so they were easy to touch and simple to operate while driving. The fuse snapshoot look comes from a pic I copied and edited using (Slide-Slide) just for fun (wishful options thinking)…

    As for music Winamp is ok, but I wanted more. So I setup VST and Virtual DJ with performances.

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    Cables as a high-end component

    Quote Originally Posted by mayhembdm666 View Post
    Guessing OS is win 7 doing by one of the screen shots up above and possibly using windows media center as well?

    I have to question... Why would people think 7.1 does not work in a car? Wiring is not a hassle. Balancing is about the only problem that we have come across..

    Check out more of the system software used under the “software used” section of my doc.
    In answer to your question true discreet 7.1 is only used in SDDS movies. All the other 7.1 systems do some sort of channel mixing. Maybe because most systems just muddle everything up…

    With this 7.1 car computer you can control each channel/speaker independently including EQ, time delay, phase, etc. Each speaker in the system also has its own crossover, amplifier and discreet channel assignment. VST software lets you clean up the mess and set up the perfect balance, EQ, phase array and multi-speaker channel assignments including real time spectral analysis. I also like the warm sounding “tube amp” plug-in…

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    Actually it is a 12.1 system as the 4 Boston Pro Components are all Bi-Amped. The secret is the $650 on 650 ft in the wiring harness, all perfect OFC, Litz and braided 3mm and RCA interconnects. I built all the snakes before installation, all lengths are exactly 12 feet to match the 1 meter audio sound wave, all gauges are optimized for 12 feet and all wire extrudes in the correct direction. All that work made a huge difference in the overall sound quality, almost like a separate high-end component. The first comment people make is how clear and balanced the computer system sounds and feels.

    Cables I used...
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    The Litz wire used in the HeXaD audio cable consists of a number of individually insulated copper strands designed to minimize signal losses. When Litz construction is used with a broad range of frequencies such as the audio spectrum (20Hz -20KHz), high frequencies travel more efficiently on a larger number of smaller strands where low frequencies travel more efficiently over a smaller number of larger strands. Our multiple gauge AccuflowTM frequency tuned conductors overcome this limitation and allow all audio frequencies to pass with extremely low impedance.

    Dual Opposing Ground Path Braid Geometry is designed to minimize losses caused by the Proximity Effect. The configuration of the braided conductors is designed to cause cancellation of the Proximity Effect by equalizing the magnetic currents in opposing channels. HeXaD Audio Cables are braided by hand because here is no machine capable of producing this unique design.

    Rhodium has a very low contact resistance as well as an extremely high resistance to oxidation making it the ideal material for use on the contact surfaces of RCA audio cable connectors. Because Rhodium is many times the cost of gold, Rhodium connectors are a feature generally only found in ultra high end home audio cables. We chose to use this material because it was the only way to be sure we truly achieved the goals we set out or our HeXaD cables.

    List $199 Amazon buy $12.99

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