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Thread: My project, Volvo S60 T5R

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    My project, Volvo S60 T5R

    This is my project ive been working on for the last few weeks.
    Updates with pictures will be posted, this is just a sketch of what ive ordered and waiting for.

    Here is the url for my setup:

    1: Solar Powered Universal Laptop Power Supply. Price: 33 Dollar
    2: 10A 24V PWM Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller Regulator LED Light Display. Price: 171 Dollar
    3: Car Power Supply Converter Adapter 150W DC to AC 220V. Price: 13 Dollar
    4: AC 220V-240V Digital LCD Power Programmable Timer Time switch Relay 16A. Price: 10 Dollar
    5: Fashion Cellphone PDA GSM Remote control Socket Power GSM Switch PHONE PLUG dd. Price: 39 Dollar
    6: Power strip with 4xCEE 7 / 4 socket, 4xIEC 60906-1 socket, 1xCEE 7 / 7 connectivity, master / slave, over voltage protection. Price: 171 Dollar
    7: Additional car battery 12V (Dont know the amp yet.). Price: 100 Dollar

    The main function on this setup is to be able to call my car and start the heating fan from where ever i am.
    Also I have ideas on how to wire up the AC to this system on the summer.
    There is allot ideas of what I can add to the car, one thing witch is really cool is starting your car with your phone or some kind of remote.
    Thousands of ideas comes throw my head on how to improve and make the best configuration of what ive got.
    A car pc monitor is already ordered and on the way, I am not sure of witch PC setup I will use but my biggest problem right now is how I will wire up the car speakers to my feature pc.

    Here is a picture of my car monitor I ordered:
    Lilliput 7" 669GL-70NP/C VGA HDMI DVI Car Monitor
    Panel Size: 7" TFT LCD
    Resolution: 800 x 480, input up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
    Brightness: 250cd/㎡
    Contrast: 500:1
    Viewing Angle: 140/120(H/V)
    Input Voltage: DC 12V
    Input Signal: PC(VGA), AV1, AV2, HDMI, DVI
    Power Consumption: ≤8W
    Audio Output: ≤1W
    Size(LWD): 185.512232.5mm
    Weight: 450g
    Name:  ViewPure.aspx.jpg
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    Price: 171 Dollar

    This is how the car looks like today:
    Name:  7837391391.jpg
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Size:  41.8 KB

    If you have any suggestion don't hesitate on posting a comment or sending me a PM!
    Thanks for reading and stay put for the update!

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    Nice one , any pictures!

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