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Thread: 2003 Nissan 350z Nook Color Build

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    2003 Nissan 350z Nook Color Build

    Hello, this is my Android based Nook Color build in my 350z.

    The tablet is running CM7, tethering wifi from my android phone (Nexus One) for mobile internet. I can also tether GPS through my Nexus for GPS. The nook does not come with the hardware for GPS so tethering or an external bluetooth adapter is the most common methods of making it GPS able. I have the OEM USB cable running along the side of the center console to the rear cigarette adapter. I opted for this option, as opposed to wiring it right into the cars power, because I wanted the option to plug it into a laptop easily. Transferring files this way is much easier. I also have the option of pulling into the driveway and wifi'ing files to my device. The nook has 8gb of internal memory plus a 16gb SD card so it has plenty of space.

    I purchased the nook from B&N store on black friday for $120. I wanted to keep my stock bose system so I also bought the adapter to do AUX right into my OEM Bose system. The adapter also came with an Ipod cord.

    Adapter is the USA SPEC PA11-NIS:
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    My car was not equipped with factory navigation. The opening was the same size as the nook display. The opening should fit any 7" tablet.

    I mounted the device with plastic weld and a reinforcing aluminum brace. Just used aluminum strips from home depot.

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    I relocated the power and home button the the small panel in front of the display using momentary push buttons from radioshack. I used random connectors I had to make taking off the small panel easier.

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    I had to cut out some of the plastic in the dash to get the charger cable and the cornered AUX cable to fit.

    Final install

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    I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Looks factory and the lid makes the display very visible in high light. The audio quality I was concerned about but it's not bad at all. I have the OBDII adapter on order for use with Torque. Poweramp is really nice music player with a built in EQ.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

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    Looks Good, nice job on the install!

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    Looks damn good and factory. I had planned to put my NookColor in my i30 but needed the money so I had to sell it.
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    Great build! I would steal it (just kidding)

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    Looks Good, nice job on the install!

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    Looks good appearance

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