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Thread: Jeep Wranlger Sport 2011 - You've Officially Been Pimped!

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    Jeep Wranlger Sport 2011 - You've Officially Been Pimped!

    Hello, first of all, forgive my English so I can defend myself XD, is the first time I ride a carpc and have had no help except from the internet and all posts that have been published, thanks to all for your dedication. I'm fan of the personalization and I like to take full advantage of technology, today I present my Jeep Wrangler and I've done with it.

    * According to all I have time I will put more detailed, I hope you understand.

    Materials ------------------------------------------------- ----

    -New SAMSUNG 7 "LCD Touch Screen Monitor LED Outdoor Kit
    -Zotac Fusion-350 A-E
    -DDR3 PC1333 -2 x 2GB CL9
    -120 GB SATA III SSD Vertex Agility 3
    -CarPC JoyCon exr-Steering wheel controls USB interface
    -60CM USB 3.0 Male to Female Extension Cord Cable 4.8Gbps
    -New Dock Cradle Desktop Sync Pod Charger Station For HTC
    -150 ° wide angle Waterproof Night Vision Car Rear View Rev
    -Android bluetooth-CustomGadz
    -Switch-CustomGadz TouchScreen Type A
    -ATX 24pin 200W-12V DC DC
    -III GPS USB GostGet StarSirf
    -TDT Analogic / Digital / FM
    -High-Peformance 475th Infinity 4-Channel Full-Range Amplifier
    -Subwoofer vetoes
    -2.5 mm wire-20m
    -5m 5mm wire
    -3 X double RCA

    -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

    So is the finish, I still have to come CustomGadz the touch screen, so not finished, nor will I put the frame.

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    Well started the process, we have to carefully remove the picture, has tabs, but they are very resilient. I decided to withdraw its original radio and media to have hollow metal enough, I must comment that the uconnect (bluetooth) I have maintained to keep the original function of the car, I mention below as well as the inconvenience of the buttons to pick the calls.
    Name:  IMAG0917.jpg
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    This is the original radio removed, I did to find out where each wire (I was excited too hehe), is very simple, highlight the PIN 2 and 13 (CAN BUS) I think it's Uconnect control and steering wheel controls , I'll investigate later (if anyone knows thank help). Also left the outline of the radio (for those who serve, apologies are in Spanish).
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    This is the screen SAMSUNG 7 "LED
    Resolution: 800 x 480
    Brightness (cd / mē): 300 (w / TSP)
    Contrast Ratio: 400:1
    Power Consumption: 1.2 - 2.0 W
    Outline dimension (mm): 163.20 x 104.00
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    Below you can see as I have molds taken from a computer if caps! hehe, I like the left. But I have not finished, as I said before I need to get the screen capacitive CustomGadz android interface, then you will apply fiberglass to the restraint.
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    If you look the screen comes with remote control and infrared plate that I have left temporarily hidden (works perfectly), I've also added a stereo microphones famous curiously one of mp3car install xD (Here everything is unmounted).
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    Testing correct operation of the screen (you can connect directly to the battery of the car), works perfect.
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    The computer is a 350 AE Zotac Fusion SSD Vertex works super fast, along with Consumer Preview Windows 8 starts in 5 seconds, the drivers are a problem but work well, (if I can upload a video for your enjoyment). The source is 200w, but I am aware of ahoramismo solve a problem starting the car, apparently to start ruling remains in the source and the voltage must be disconnected, if someone gives me a suggestion Thank you.
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    For the power button I aquipo something more complicated but has been worth it for her I had to remove the service instrumentation and have used buttons into disuse and is reversible.
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    For hard drive I found the perfect hole, literally paste handsfree uconnect system, very simple.
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    The uconnect has a simple connector with three cables, Left, Right and common. All this input line of the plate, so we uconnect function list. I have to solve the CAN BUS to pick up phone calls, the Wangler has two buttons on the car radio to hang around and talk and another to talk on the microphone (assistant). For this I use CarPC JoyCon exr-Steering wheel controls USB interface, and I'll comment, I accept suggestions.
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    As you can see the gap mentioned before I used it to put the Zotac and all wiring, including power, tdt, gps, etc. .. has been pretty good, at first I must admit that Estana not very confident of this. Hope you like.
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    I also wanted to integrate a camera performs very well, I leave a test image I made with an mp4 with video input. I've placed well back with a perfect viewing angle (if I can I upload a video) and all cables with tube (came with the kit), the night is just great.
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    I still have much work to both software and hardware, I have problems with the lighting that I hope to solve tomorrow, as well as the steering wheel buttons that I consider my top priority. I left the screen to turn on and off with the ignition key, but the computer as it is logical to always stay on for the one with the consumption of energy goes into suspension and I am considering the possibility of putting a self-feeding system such as notebooks or tablets that is just perfect. If anyone has any suggestions on this topic is welcome.
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    Thank you all for your attention and apologies if the picture quality is not very good, later put more details of the process and wiring, as well as the process for mounting the stereo. I leave the next day an advance update more pictures.

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    Installed: Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    I wanted to get a start in less than 10 seconds to do this using a SDD and Consumer Preview windows 8, with the PB Zotac set to boot from the bios faster skipping some testing and what better than a video to prove it.

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    Great job! Lots of pics. It'd be nice if you can post a video to see the whole setup in action. One question, what are the temp specs on the SSD? I ask 'cause a lot of them have a min temp of 32F (0C) and depending where you live it might be a problem. As far as uConnect, if you want to interface it with the PC, perhaps Arduino may be the way to go. It'll take a lot work and web searches if nobody has done it before.

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    Dominicanjb, Thanks, luckily I was on holiday . I'll upload a small video to see how little it takes after starting the system with Windows 8, this was my main goal. The SSD is a 120GB OCZ Vertex Agility 3 specifications:

    Operating Temp: 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C
    Ambient Temp: 0 ° C ~ 55 ° C
    Storage Temp: -45 ° C ~ 85 ° C
    More info: OCZ

    I think it will overrun!!!

    I love Arduino and I am a fan, About Uconnect want to test two wire bus can reach the box and use JoyCar. Ire reporting. A greeting!

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    Very good install! Your video shows the Developer preview of windows, but I assume you have replaced with consumer preview? Only asking because the develper preview expires shortly.

    Regarding your comment/question:

    "The source is 200w, but I am aware of ahoramismo solve a problem starting the car, apparently to start ruling remains in the source and the voltage must be disconnected, if someone gives me a suggestion Thank you"

    I am not clear what you are asking but if the question is about a suitable power supply that can withstand low voltages while cranking over the engine, there are supplies available right here at the store that are designed specifically for this.
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    Hey, great post, lots of details.

    Are you still using your carputer?
    Did you manage to get your Joycon EXR to work? I'm having some issues in my Grand Cherokee.


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    What did you do with the Soundmax Superbeam microphone?
    I'd like to take mine apart and integrate it in he vehicle better.
    2002 Chevrolet Avalanche
    Gigabyte Z97 mITX Intel Mobo, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5-4590S 3.0GHz Proc, 320 GB Hard Drive, Dual 12' VGA HDMI DVI touchscreen monitors,....

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