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Thread: 2006 Alfa Romeo GT - Removable In-Dash Android Tablet install (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7")

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    this is the one I ordered from dealextreme:

    but you can also find many models on ebay: simply serach for "usb power adapter galaxy tab"

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    So... long delay from last update, this is because my install works pretty well
    The only _big_ issue I have is that my Galaxy Tab seems to have not enough power to run all my fav software: using poweramp and google navigation together causes music to stutter and the tab to slow all operations. Didn't know if it is really caused by lack of cpu power or something related to the rom I used (it's a stock 2.3.6 rom but for NL tabs since samsung never released that for italy).

    However, I started this project more than a year ago (march 2012) so it's time to a new challenge.

    I came back on mp3car after some months and found many new implementations and great installs, so I decided to change the Galaxy Tab with a shiny Nexus 7 3G 32gb! It seems that the USB ROM from Timur will made install and use a lot easier.

    I have to move this thread from "Worklog" section to "Show off your project" and then open a new one for this new install.
    Thanks to all users that have read, commented and gave me useful tips and ideas!

    See you in the next project!

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