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Thread: 2006 Alfa Romeo GT - Removable In-Dash Android Tablet install (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7")

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    i mean if the ground of the amplifier; check also to use short and soldered cables;
    if the cable is too cheap, may be a shielding broblem

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    ah ok thanks I'll check this out

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    little delay due to non working internet connection :-\
    I've almost done Step 2 (audio setup)!

    I found an old (but unused) 4x50W audio amplifier, I need only two channel but I found only that model. But it's ok, I will use only two channel. (30 eur)
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 112 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  93.8 KB

    I bought on ebay this ground loop isolator to clear audio signal (16 eur)
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 113 (Custom).jpg
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    and a quality audio cable (7 eur)
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 114 (Custom).jpg
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    installed everything in a test configuration and it's ok... I have some other audio noise but I still waiting for a power supply filter (found on ebay) to solve eliminate the last noise.
    I use both permanent and switched +12v for powering the amplifier, so it turns on when car is on (actually it turns on when the key is in 'on' position, even with car off).
    I placed the amplifier at passenger's feet, with a small wood plate covered with decorative adhesive plastic. The passenger's mat will cover almost all the amplifier and it will not be visible.

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 115 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 117 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 119 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 120 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 121 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 120 (Custom).jpg
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    So.. Step 2 is over
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    Good job, it seems pretty nice. I want to see more photos of the tablet in position, and also while removing and putting it back(and a video wouldn't be bad either). I will soon try to make something similar at a friend's 147 fl.

    Only thing that might worry me is where you placed the amplifier. Your pollen filter is located behind that area, right(at least in 147 it is and I doubt it's any different in the GT)? That one time a year that you will want to replace it it might be a bit tricky. And I'm telling you this because it was a bit tricky for me, and all I have behind the carpet there is just LOTS of wires.

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    didn't find anything under the carpet.. however I'll check with a friend who has an Alfa Romeo official garage if I could have problems in the future!

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    Great progress on the install. I would however advise that you find better placement for that amp. Having 12V power running below someone's feet is a bit risky, not to mention water (is they come in with wet shoes etc.) coming in contact with the amp (both audio and power contections).

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    you're right for the water issue! However both the amp and its install is 'temporary' to let other step progress. At the end of all I'll see to find a better placement

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    Ciao! Here we are at STEP 3: INSTALLING THE DOCK

    This is a complex part too, since I can't half-open the dash as per shiltz' install. The Alfa Romeo dash is a single piece and I cannot mount hinges and locks from the back, so I should find a way to install the dock from the front, and also mantain access to interior of the dash for maintenance and service.

    Main goal is to keep the side plastic tabs of the 2-din space, to be able to revert to stock in the future.

    First of all, I realized a support for the magnetic lock:

    remember to always use protections!
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 128 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 129 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 132 (Custom).jpg
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    some spacers and ready to go!
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 137 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 139 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 140 (Custom).jpg
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    I removed one of the magnet because two has too much strenght
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 141 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 142 (Custom).jpg
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    Finally I can use my threading tools
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 143 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 144 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  82.5 KB

    the lock is in place and firmly screwed. Note the black adhesive tape, I used it make this part less visible after the complete install..
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 145 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  91.0 KB

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    Now the trickiest part: mount the hinge on the dock and the dock in the dash.

    after buying a variety of hinges..

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 146 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  86.6 KB

    I found the perfect material:

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 147 (Custom).jpg
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    yes, it's pvc floor
    I use a piece of this pvc floor as hinge because it is flexible and robust, and give me the ability to modify as I want

    I block it firmly with cable ties and the always useful super glue
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 148 (Custom).jpg
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    and then glued with a metallic support, that I made before with the right holes
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 153 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 154 (Custom).jpg
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    on the other end I glued the correspondant part for the magnetic lock
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 156 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  97.5 KB

    all cables connected!
    Here you can see another piece of the magic pvc floor used to cover the bottom part of the 2-din space
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 157 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  90.7 KB

    with the pvc hinge I have about 45 aperture angle
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 158 (Custom).jpg
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    the yellow dot indicates where you should push to open
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 160 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  97.5 KB

    again, the dock is not as ugly as appears in these pics, my camera flash highlights every small imperfections
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 162 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  97.1 KB

    didn't remember if I already said, but the adhesive tape at the bottom of the dock has the important function of protect the tab from scratch
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 165 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 166 (Custom).jpg
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    and finally, here it is with the galaxy tab inserted!

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 167 (Custom).jpg
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    opened position
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 168 (Custom).jpg
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    there is enough space to insert fingers..
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 169 (Custom).jpg
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    but if you need, or for better pull the tab, you can detach the dock from the magnetic lock
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 170 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  84.5 KB

    I need to install it off-center. This is needed for avoiding cutting the side plastic tabs. However it's not bad to have it closer to the driver
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 171 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  84.1 KB

    in this side view you can see the alignment with the dash. I can't put it deeply in the dash because of the structure of the 2-din space and for leave enough space for the magnetic lock to push-to-unlock (about 2mm)
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 172 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  60.3 KB

    here you can see clearly the pvc hinge glued to the metallic support, and then screwed at the plastic tab. when I need to access the inside of the dash, I simply unscrew these screw and detach the dock from the magnetic lock
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 173 (Custom).jpg
Views: 11021
Size:  78.1 KB

    now I have to cover this space.. I will use the 2-din frame I bought for the old JVC car system
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 174 (Custom).jpg
Views: 10725
Size:  77.3 KB

    I can use only the right part because all other sides (left, top and bottom) have no enough space to fit anything!
    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 175 (Custom).jpg
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