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Thread: 2006 Alfa Romeo GT - Removable In-Dash Android Tablet install (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7")

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    Quote Originally Posted by papinist View Post
    Thanks for the tip.
    I am not yet sure how I want to set up the power source: at the moment the tab is connected to switched +12v, so it is powered when car is running, and uses its battery when car is off. In this case it's ok to let the tab check and connect a2dp device when engine starts.
    But I'm evaluating the possibility to hardwire the tab to permanent +12v so it could be up and running all the time, letting me do remote control even when car is off, at parking etc. For this to work, I have to 'detect' the car state to connect a2dp device and start/stop music. My idea was "when the tab finds Belkin BT device - or when that device asks to connect - the car is ON so: connect BT device (a2dp and obd2), start music, airplane mode off etc"

    I understand that standard a2dp devices did not connect itself to the tab - except the TuneLink? Perhaps I should try to let tasker check every 5 seconds if a2dp device is found, and if yes.. start the "car on" task.
    i have tested something similar, and my results were that it just wasn't reliable/speedy enough which is why i went back to just using it to trigger on power. the other route you may want to think about is getting something like the blackberry music gateway that has auto reconnect built in. it would mean more $$$, but sometimes it's worth it to spend the dough in order to minimize headaches.

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    I've seen a cnet review of the blackberry thing.. price in US $49.99, price in italy eur 59.99 (about usd 77)! The TuneLink Auto seems to do same thing but is specifically for car use (noise suppression upon all). Yes, it will be about usd 100...
    However if the 'always on' setup is not fast enough (perhaps it will be with blackberry/tunelink), I have to consider maintain the actual 'switched' setup. I have to try if I have no noise with belink.. because, in case of noise I am forced to try the Tunelink.. :-\
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    finally found the plug needed for powering belkin bt via usb cable!

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 203 (Custom).jpg
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    unfortunately, even the belkin has a lot of noises, similar to the other bt receiver I tried.

    Ok, I knew I should start with the best: I'm converting to that TuneLink thing..

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    Hi guys!
    Sorry for the loooong delay but I was very busy trying different solutions for my install. The longest delay was caused by the.. communist party election in china, because all deliveries was delayed of abouth a month! All cables and adapter I ordered at the end of october was only delivered few days ago.

    I have tried so many different solutions for removing the audio noise (alternator whine) tha you could never imagine: now I'm at work and don't have my photo collection here, but this evening I'll post some to show you all my tries
    However, at last I find the solution: the one and only way to completely eliminate audio noises is bluetooth audio transfer to the TuneLink Auto adapter. This has the best circuitry, made specifically for car use.

    I'm also experimenting different software and application, will do a list soon.
    Thanks to all the contributors to this great forum, I constantly grab ideas from works of other posters

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    This is a great thread.

    I like the work you have done and I think I will move from using my current setup of a Sony Vaio laptop and Xenarc 8" touchscreen to an Android tab. Just a much cleaner look. Thanks for your informative posts.

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    Here are proof of my many attempts:

    - another user gave me a great idea: trying to get audio from the dock hdmi out port! I bought the cable form ebay (can't remember the price, about 5 euro I think)

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 204 (Custom).jpg
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    Once arrived I realize that the dock has MINI hdmi port... damn, ordered an adapter (2 euro) but had to wait another month..

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 205 (Custom).jpg
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    but nothing changes, so much noises..
    Searching for that hdmi cable, I found another interesting adapter: a galaxy tab <-> rca cables + usb power. Perhaps avoiding the dock audio out circuitry I could avoid all the noises!
    Ordered, (about 3 euro), wait TWO months..

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 206 (Custom).jpg
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    ..but no, even with this, I got noises.

    So I made my decision and bought the TuneLink Auto for Android. I was lucky enough to find only one unit on amazon italy for 72 euro (yes, it'a about the regular US price of 99 usd, but all online stores here in italy sells for about 100 euros..)

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 207 (Custom).jpg
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    Let me tell you: this device is AMAZING! no noises at all! They said it is made specifically for car use and it's absolutely true. The tab connects to it in a couple of seconds and Poweramp resume playing (more on this later)
    It also has an usb port to charge your device, providing about 2A. The only problem is that Galaxy Tabs wants its specific charger, otherwise it would not activate the fast charge and gets only 500mA from the charger.
    Tunelink Auto has an android app to setup all parameters (it has an Autoconnect feature and can also stream the audio via FM) and it has a setting for charging: android or non-android device. I Tried both but the tab won't charge.
    I contected Tunelink customer service and they ask me to do some tries with no luck. So, searching on the web (it's true, google is your _best_ friend) I found that the only difference in galaxy tab charger is that the data pins are shorted together!

    So I bought a simple adapter cable, it has a switch to select 'data' or 'charge' (2 dollars on

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 208 (Custom).jpg
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Size:  80.1 KB

    and insert it between the Tunelink and the samsung cable

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 209 (Custom).jpg
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    Finally it works! The tab is now charging

    After all these tries, and being able to eliminate all the noises, I decide to remove the two filters I left on power calbes. As I said earlier, it barely remove some static noise, and without that, I have no noises too.

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 210 (Custom).jpg
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    and now I have a much cleaner install.

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    The next issue I have to solve (don't you believe there is no more issue uh?) is that charging the tab via Tunelink isn't enough to counterbalance the discharge during the standby period. On workdays I use the car about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon, and the battery discharges at about 2% every hour of standby. It don't seem much, but every day it has about 23 hours of standby..
    The Tunelink is able to charge about 5% every hour, so in my daily use it can charge the tab about 4-5% meanwhile it discharges about 45% every day. I remember that the original charger, even if rated at 2A (Tunelink stated a 2.1A power), seems to charge faster. So I did another try (and opened again the dash..) and it's true: with the original samsung charger the tab was able to regain about 18% every hour. It can't beat the discharge rate, but it better that the Tunelink.

    I bought on ebay (I'm a very good customer!) a multiple cigarette lighter socket for about 3 euro

    Name:  211.jpg
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    it also has an usb port, useful for other accessories.
    I removed the cigarette lighter socket mounted before and hardwired this multiple socket, then insert into it the Tunelink, the samsung car charger and the power for a dashcam I bought in the meantime (more on this later)!

    Name:  212 (Custom).jpg
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    Then I use zip ties to avoid that chargers come off of the socket

    Name:  213 (Custom).jpg
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    Now, I can finally say that STEP 2 is over (for now...) and STEP 5 (ON-THE-ROAD FUNCTIONALITY TESTING / LONG TRIP TESTING) is already started (I test the system in my daily use)

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    Surfing the web I occasionally saw that crazy car crash compilation, mainly from russia and nations from the east. In these countries dashcams are of common use for insurance reason and because streets seems very risky!
    Here in Italy I've never seen car accidents like that in these videos, but I thought it was a nice implementations of my new setup.
    Linking that cam to the tab would be great, but the galaxy tab already seems at its maximum, so it's better to use something indipendent.

    I bought from dealextreme that small dash camera (about 120 usd)

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 214 (Custom).jpg
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    it can record videos in fullhd, has auto power on/start recording and auto power off/stop recording with car's power, g-sensor (it can protect some files from overwriting when record strong shock) and gps. There are some great desktop software to review your recordings, geolocalizing you on google maps, showing logs of sensors and speed.

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 215 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 216 (Custom).jpg
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    I was able to hide the power cable behind the rooftop and the side covers, and connect the power adapter to the multiple socket

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 217 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 218 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 219 (Custom).jpg
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    This should go in STEP 6: FUTURE IMPLEMENTATIONS

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    And today I finally hooked the dashcam in place!

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 222 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 223 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 224 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 225 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 226 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 227 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 228 (Custom).jpg
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    screen is configured to go off after 30 seconds

    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 220 (Custom).jpg
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    Name:  Autoradio Galaxy Tab 221 (Custom).jpg
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    Next: software setup!
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    Could you provide a link or make/model for this adaptor?

    Name:  68587d1359293905-2006-alfa-romeo-gt-removable-in-dash-android-tablet-install-samsung-galaxy-tab-.jpg
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