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Thread: CarPC and Head unit intigration on my 2011 Toyota Prius

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    CarPC and Head unit intigration on my 2011 Toyota Prius

    Hi folks.
    thanks to all the amazing projects i saw here i atempted to install a carPC in my 2011 Prius.
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    I put the monitor in the top glove box and the computer in the lower glove box.

    I considered buying a carputer but the price range was coming to about 400-to 500 (for a good one). So then I looked into making my own which is a better option but would take up extra time and still cost like 300 or so.
    So I decided to go with a nettop ( for about $150). Not the best choice for a carputer because it does not have a regular ATX motherboard and not very rugged but I only need it for internet access.

    Since the nettop does not have a motherboard power switch header that would normally connect to the push-button on the front of a personal computer case. I solder couple of wires to the on/off button which I used to place a small push button under the center consol.
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    My car does not have a conventional starter, there is no high amp spikes, so i dont need a DC to DC regulator.
    I taped +12 from the lighter socket and ground near the bottom of the glove box. and installed a small push button to turn on the computer.

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    I Installed the nettop holder in the lower glove box and made some vent holes.

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    Found some space behind the lower glove box where i stuffed the computer power brick and the wires for the LCD touchscreen
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    I removed the stock CD player because it did not have and aux input and bought a cheap genaric chinese Headunit off of ebay. I output the audio and video from the CarPC to the new head unit.
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    Routed the wires and hooked up the CarPC.
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    Problem!! the 7" touchscreen was too big to fit in the upper glove box so I ended up cutting the bottom off, squished the electronics together and repositioned the buttons.
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    After hacking up the monitor it still did not fit the glove box so i had to cut up the glove box to make it fit.
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    put everything to gether .
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    Finally testing if it works and yes everything is up and running. and when the glove box is closed no one knows there is a computer there .

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    You just ruined your Prius.

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    monitor in the glove box?

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