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Thread: Project Viper

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    It seems insane on the surface, but we shove them in our dogs like that.

    The gun safe idea is pretty brilliant. Gun safety is a huge deal yet accessability when it matters is crucial. There would be no key or combination for a kid to find/figure out.

    I don't mind carrying keys and need them for work anyways, but after my initial glance my curiosity has been piqued.
    Computer is in the car, but in a very "raw" install right now.

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    I figured in a critical situation a combination can be forgotten or fumbled with the stress/fear and a fingerprint scanner can take a few swipes to get them to read correctly. Just a swipe of the hand near it and it clicks open, simple and easy and takes no time at all so I can focus on dealing with whatever threat foolishly comes through the door =)

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    Nice spot for a 10", kudos for the large display, I liike it.

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    incredible build. that 10" screen looks like it'd be real easy on the eyes vs. the 7" I went with. I am on the fence about the implant, though. it's so awesome on one hand, but on the other hand, it's really nice to be able to toss your keys to the person holding a knife or gun to you. ya know? you get to keep all your limbs if the unthinkable should ever happen.

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