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Thread: Mini PC to Navigation display

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    Cool Upgraded my Car to 4G/ LTE today, blazing speeds.

    Thought I would try LTE in my car with the new Wilson Sleek 4G-V cell phone Cradle Booster and the external antenna. My JetPack is mounted into the Cradle which I keep in the trunk of my car.

    The two parts needed were the LTE cradle:

    And the antenna, which mounts with 3M adhesive inside the rear window:

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    Quote Originally Posted by wnrussell View Post
    After 6 months of trial, I finally found the perfect PC for my 535i. The LPC-460.

    Link to specs:
    Xenarc sells this for $359

    Built for Mobile, In-Vehicle Computing
    Start Up/Shut Down Safety Feature
    DC Power Input 10V-26VDC
    Powerful Intel Core 2 Duo Processors
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
    3D Graphics with 16x9 Capability
    Built-in Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0,
    1394a Firewire, Audio, Serial, Video
    Low Profile Rugged Aluminum Chassis
    Slim Slot Loading Optical Drives
    Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) optional
    Windows 7 & XP Pro Compatible,
    *other O/S Options Available

    5.7"(W) x 9.9"(D) x 1.65"(H)
    (14.6 x 25 x 4.2 cm)

    I turned my car into a mobile office with a rear display (Touch panel) my passengers can use while I am driving. The car has:

    CarFi on board: Autonet Mobile
    Google Talk/ Video Chat
    Windows Media Center
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft Office with voice translater
    Optical drive to play movies
    Voice activation: Google search and video chat.
    Safe driving, no physical input. Say "Home Depot" and you're on your way.
    900 TV Channels if connected to FiOS.

    Windows 7 with 5 input options, including voice:

    Google home page, with GoogleTalk chat session:

    Logitech Webcam covers both front and rear passengers:

    Full internet capability:

    Rear seat touch display:

    Slingbox works great

    Installed Outlook on Stealth today, and activated the Windows 7 Speech recognition.

    Everything is working with voice commands i.e. say "Start, Outlook" and you have it hands free. Then you can say "Press Down" to scroll through the messages, "Press Enter" to open them, "Reply" and start dictating, "Send", "Close window", etc.

    For anybody who hasn't tried the Windows 7 Speech recognition yet, it just needs to be turned on and configured for the microphone. It is blazing fast and accurate.

    where did you get that wide screen from?!? I need one exactly like this!

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    i mean it's the usual BMW OEM car installed widescreen.

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    does the screen have a vga input or did you have to mod it?

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