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Thread: galaxy tab 2 install in 2010 mustang gt

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    galaxy tab 2 install in 2010 mustang gt

    So the 2010+ mustangs are a pain to install aftermarket head units. The bezel houses a circuit board that the radio contols and hvac in one unit with the main part the radio/cd is behind it. Did some research and found the scorch replacement bezel that gives you your hvac, but it relocates the head unit down infront of the shifter. The hvac controls look cheap. I decited to hack it apart.I dont have sync, so no bluetooth. So I had keep my volume controls. I cut the top buttons off the circuit board. I had out where the buttons and the info screen was, the fiberglass and bondo the indentions where the info screen was. I made a cradle for the tablet to sit in. I tapped into the fuse panel for auxillary power to charge the tab. I also added a pc fan to keep it cool during charge. I used a 90 degree headphone jack and ran a cable to the mp3 port in the center consle. I want to redue the bezel later but i think it turned out nice.
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