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Thread: In Dash 7" Android Complete With Pics & Video

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    In Dash 7" Android Complete With Pics & Video

    Car: 2004 Sedan Deville With Onstar Without Bose, Standard Audio, Built In Amp

    Parts Used:

    GMOS-06 Harness : $66 Best Buy Sale
    Dell Streak 7 : $132 Frys Open Box Sale
    Pioneer 6.5" In Front, Pioneer 5.4 In Back : around $110 At Walmart For Both
    4 Gauge Amp Kit : $25 Walmart
    8 Guage Amp Kit: $20 Walmart
    Extra Car Battery For Amps : $69 Cause I Didnt Have A Core
    Battery Ground Cable: $5
    2 Extra Sets Of 15FT RCA Wires : $20 Frys
    3.5 MM to RCA Adapter : $15 Walmart
    Wood From Home Depot To Make Dash Plate: $8
    Velcro: $4
    Performance Technique 500 Watt Amp For Highs: $40 on Craigslist
    Kenwood EQ, Has Front, Rear And Subwoofer RCA Outputs, 1 Input: $30 on Craigslist
    2 Rolls Of 50 Ft Speaker Wire: $20
    JL Audio W7 13.5", Custom Built Box, Hifonics Brutus 1600.1 Amp : $450 On Craigslist
    Leather Material To Cover Wood: $5 Walmart
    Spray Adhesive For Material : $10 Home Depot

    Had to get a GMOS-06 Wire harness to remove the factory radio to complete the network loop. Without it weird things in the car would of happened. Originally I tried to avoid using the EQ and Extra Amp for highs and use the cadillac factory amp, but it wasnt powerful enough to power the speakers over the bass, so i had to take apart the whole car, and rewire every door speaker to the back trunk to the amp. I wanted to leave factory wires there if i ever decided to sell car. The EQ is now hidden behind the custom plate i made, the tablet sits out a little bit because i made it flush so i can velcro it on for easy removal to add more songs and stuff to it. I have a kill switch for the bass as well, and the speakers sound great with and without the bass turned on, so i am very happy with the way it turned out and all the great new functionality i now have in my car... the only thing i am missing is the ability to have phone calls through the unit...

    if you have any questions on anything please feel free to ask, as i love to help and i am new here, glad i found the community, wish i could of found it before i got myself into this to help with any questions i had... but thank goodness i was able to complete it all.

    and for those wondering how i am getting power to the unit, i am just using car lighter charger for now until i get an extra usb cable in for the streak because frys didnt have any , once i get it in from ebay, i will be hard wiring another cig lighter behind the unit to keep the charger there.

    I will also be feeding it internet through my rooted samsung galaxy 3 via wifi 4g tethering.

    the iheartradio app alone makes this all worth it for me because i can now hear my radio stations from back home which i was missing dearly since i moved.

    the extra battery is wired in parralell with the original car battery, which keeps the beast of an amp i have in the trunk fully fed so the rest of the car is not starving for power.

    I am getting a steady 14.3-14.8 volts on the dash

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    Good job on your hard work!

    Tried watching the video but ... Its a bit bouncy.

    Would be interesting to see how you mounted everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SapporoGuy View Post
    Good job on your hard work!

    Tried watching the video but ... Its a bit bouncy.

    Would be interesting to see how you mounted everything.
    Ditto could you explain your mount

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    Fry's had NO micro usb cables for sale?

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