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Thread: Dedicated Android device using bluetooth touchscreen overlay

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    Dedicated Android device using bluetooth touchscreen overlay

    Item's I've purchased:
    PAC VCI-NIS2 ($233)
    ViewHD Universal HDMI to Composite ($37)
    Backup Camera ($90)
    Atrix2 with broken sim slot ($125)
    Rear OEM spoiler with camera cutout ($92)
    x3 Momentary switches ($3)
    Toggle switch ($7)

    Item's needed:
    MimicsX2 ($250 - Paid)
    Probably some ods & ends like an ODB2 sensor

    The plan:
    To use the new MimicsX2 module to push touch screen input from an overlay that sits on the OEM screen of my monitor. Have that input sent to the Atrix2 that is dedicated to the vehicle. There is a second module here that splits the input to the OEM screen between three devices, the new backup camera, the Atrix2, and the OEM signal. I drew this diagram for my wiring. Still updating as I continue to wait for the release of the MimicsX2. Things like whether to power the devce all the time with a 4000mah battery, or just solder some kind of relay between the battery and the motherboard of the device. I'm already planning to solder leads off of the power switch for remote access to the switch. All switches will be flush mounted on empty switch space in the car. It should look Very OEM after installation.
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