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Thread: 1964 Ford Falcon Ute, full Nexus experience!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nubs3 View Post
    Any updates on this?
    A bit, but not so much car audio related.

    But first, more techno things people won't understand

    I discovered a new ROM (operating system for android), that pretty much eliminates all the hurdles I'd been facing.

    It basically allows me to attach USB devices to the tablet in serial. The original OS had limitations there. But now I can add FM dongles (so I can have radio through the tablet), thumb drives (up to 64gb worth of music), connect to the arduino easier.

    But it means I've discovered the cheapest reversing camera in history. I spent all of $1.50 on a webcam that I'll hook up, I should be able to arduino it into only turning on when the reverse light is on. I'll hack away all the casing, and either put it into the back emblem, or through one of the lugs on the side. Should be fun.

    But to new pictures, I'd been getting painting done. Too much body work, so much sanding, filler, sanding, filler. But I want to get it right.

    I've put down the first coat of primer filler, and need to sand out a few too many runs (need to get the thinner quantity right). But I'm happy with how it's looking. Almost seems like a shame the tray will get covered up. And I love 2pac, it just fills in all those little holes, and slightly uneven surfaces.

    So much more sanding ahead...

    I've bought myself a cheap dremel, and some good bits, hopefully that'll work.

    And I got a job done I'd been meaning to do for a while. The tailgate looked old and wonky, it didn't match up with the new tray. So I fixed it.

    I took in the old tailgate inners, and had a new piece cut/bent.

    I welded on some bolts to the inners in the same place they were on the original. Then a coat of protective paint.

    And I wanted a way to hold in the access panel. I didn't like screws, too screwy. So I went with magnets. Works like a charm. I might need some silicon or something once it's all painted, but so far I'm happy.

    Then made up a access panel/place to move the latch.

    And got to some welding.

    And it fits nicely.

    I wanted to get it all painted, but the weather is against me, I've got to wait for a dry weekend that's over 15C, then I'll get the top coat on it. Until then I've gotten the base coat on it (and found lots of bits that were annoying me, so I went back and started filling/priming again. It's almost there).

    The matt black is really good at showing any ugly spots. It can last for a while without the clear over the top, but I've just got to put down another layer of basecoat, and then I can spray the clear.

    I also discovered why I was having runs everywhere, my compressor was stuffing up, it had a leak coming from one of the air pipes next to the on off switch, I couldn't find it, because when I turned the compressor off to look, it would stop the air coming out. So I got out the gas tape, and fixed it. Spraying like a charm now. Will only get runs from me being a twit now.

    Also been spraying the tailgate with the rubber stuff.

    And probably a minor thing, but I made up this little panel for the latch, I think it came out quite well, and the metal latch I fabbed up too. I'm a little bit proud.

    And this weekend, I made a fantastic purchase on gumtree, 26L of epoxy resin for $200. I was quite pleased with myself.

    So I set to work making up my speaker enclosure to go on the parcel shelf. I cut out some wood I had lying around, so it fit the parcel shelf nicely, then cut some wood to match the speakers, it looks a little rough, but it'll never been seen anyway. Also fits in perfectly in the parcel shelf, it won't obscure vision, and should sound good.

    Covered it with some cotton material, I probably should have used proper fiberglass cloth, or chop mat, but it came out rock hard, so I'm not too worried.

    Then soaked it with epoxy resin.

    Then another two layers, and filler to smooth down any edges.

    And I stuck down the leather with contact cement. It's the first time I'd ever done this, so it isn't 100%, a few bubbles, but most of them will be out of sight in the car. Looks good I think.

    I had a week in Sydney with work, and I hired myself a little BWM mini for time I was there, and it gave me some fantastic ideas for the lighting inside the car. They've got RBG (red, blue & green, they can change colour) led's placed over the interior, which are always on, but not annoying. They dim to a point that's just perfect, but illuminate everything inside the cabin perfectly.

    They'll cycle through the colours, and get brighter as you get in and out of the car. It'd be very easy to imitate with the arduino, and I might even be able to go a step further. I could hook an arduino with a GPS shield, and make it change colour depending on speed, so 60km/h = green, 80km/h = blue and 120km/h = red. I love a challenge.

    Nice stuff to work with, hides so many blemishes and ugly bits.

    And the dash, needs way too much sanding, but I'm liking the look.

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    WOW you have been busy. Looks great so far, good luck on finishing it off your getting close. SNO

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    Looking good! Its a lot of work isn't it..I do restorations as my home business and the wife is forever complaining! For some reason she still like spending time with me even after 10 years.

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    Looking great! I look forward to seeing it all put together.
    My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE

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    I'm just as happy reading about and seeing the photos of the restoration. I grew up with Holden's, yet a Ford of that age I will always appreciate. Keep up the great work. I'll be reading.

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