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Thread: Saab 93 OEM installation (Now running Android)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo24 View Post
    That looks absolutely amazing!

    I have been wondering about the possibilities of such a thing for a while! I would love to be able to use the OEM system but with a more...up to date back-end (eg: Windows + Centrafuse / Android / RaspberryPi).

    You have got some very impressive skills to be able to pull off such a neat solution!

    How long did it take you to complete? If you dont mind me asking, what were the costs of building the modification minus the reversing camera?

    Also, i dont suppose that you know how easy it would be to build a module that can effectively replace the stock car amplifiers? I love my music and the stock stereo is simply dreadful...i even have the Premium 150 sound system and its awful. =(

    I look forward to see what you end up doing with this set up!


    Thank you! It took me about 1 year. The total costs of the project are really hard to estimate, hours of research/development, design, PCB fabrication and electronic components ... it was not a profitable work at all but I'm very proud of the result. I sold a couple of kits last year in the Saabcentral forum.

    About the sound system, I know about the poor quality of the Saab 93 audio, even when including the factory amps. I have solved this connecting an aftermarket amp to the speaker level signal of the stock little rear speakers. This amp drives two 6x9 speakers installed in the trunk gaps and the front doors ones. The amp should have bass gain control to amplify these frequencies.

    As I said weeks ago, I was working in an Android carputer based on ARM. The following pictures shows the stock navigation display of my car (ICM3), RGB quality:

    Running Android 4.2 (JB)

    Sygic navigator:

    Google maps:

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    Your work is something to be proud of for sure, That is a truely awesome project and the results speak for themself! Excellent work!

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    Nice! What hardware do you use for the Android ??
    System in progress:
    New install in progress...

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    Id be very interested in buying something that will allow my icm3 to play a dvd player if possible
    VIA EPIA TC 10000 1Ghz Motherboard,
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    Very nice job

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    Very nice indeed! Does the touch screen overlay work for android?

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    Incredible work. I can't imagine the hours you have into such a project!

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