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Thread: 2009 Peugeot 307 - BRAZIL- Removable Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 II

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    2009 Peugeot 307 - BRAZIL- Removable Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 II

    Its not the most beautifull thing of the world, but "do the same job" as i used to mount this ->

    thx for the removable idea from him

    will post first only the video, i will take the Picture of the things latter

    i only need some ideas to do the frame around the tablet, peugeot 307 dont have a VERY GOOD space, i had to cut the things using warm box cutter ^^


    - Samsung Dock for Galaxy Tab 7 PLUS (had to do some stupid rub cut to fit to the galaxy tab 2)
    - The Tab

    "only" this are different from a normal carpc...

    sorry bad english

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    Nice! :-)

    Do you have pictures of the construction?

    Greetings from Germany

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