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Thread: Open-source OBD-II data logger (based on Arduino)

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    Open-source OBD-II data logger (based on Arduino)

    I have developed an open-source OBD-II data logger, which displays (on a 12864 OLED display module) and records (to a SD card) the OBD-II data (engine RPM, speed etc.). The device is based on Arduino, a SD reader breakout board, and a monochrome OLED display module.

    By pulling out the SD and inserting it into computer's SD card reader, the data can be illustrated into a chart like this:

    • Displaying realtime engine RPM and vehicle speed on OLED screen
    • Recording realtime OBD-II data to SD card in text-based CSV file format
    • Illustrating the recorded data in as chart with two data lines

    Recorded data includes:
    • Engine RPM
    • Speed
    • Throttle position
    • Engine load
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Intake pressure
    • Intake temperature

    The recorded data is stored in a SD card in the format of CSV. Each line represents a record with time, data type and data value like this:

    [Time Elapsed],[Data Type],[Data Value]

    Time Elapsed is the time elapsed in milliseconds since previous data record. Data type is the OBD-II pid number which is defined in the OBD-II library (e.g. 0xC is engine RPM). Here is an example data clip:


    For more details and source code, please visit my website.
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