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Thread: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 - Android Tablet Install

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    Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 - Android Tablet Install

    Suzuki Grand Vitara - Tablet Install

    So i've had my Suzuki Grand Vitara since the summer of 2012, but was never happy with the OEM-Radio.

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    So after a few weeks using this radio, i ordered a new one from China, which had alot of new features such as GPS (TomTom maps), Bluetooth, DVD, mp3, iPod\iPhone dock cable etc.

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    I was quite happy with the radio, but again, after some time i wanted a new one and more advanced this time. After lurking around google and this forum for some time, i came a cross lots of forum-threads of people that did the same as i wanted. At first i wanted a Windows based machine, but i quickly figured that it required too much work and wiring around the car to make it good.
    My main goal for the project was to make it have an "OEM Look" after the installation was complete, so i wanted something nice looking.

    After some thinking, i figured i could use an tablet as my new radio unit, and with some research i saw that i wasnt the only one having a tablet as car radio.

    At first i wasnt sure if i would go the Apple iOS(iPad, iPad Mini) or the Google Android way, but with some more thinking i saw that the Android device would be best choice for this job, since you can easily customize the startscreen to however you like.

    So i took home a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" from work, which have a decent look from the front.
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    What i didn't like however, was the Samsung-logo on the right. The logo itself is fine, but it wouldn't fit in if i mounted the tablet in landscape, i'd rather have the logo at the bottom instead. I tried to google on how to remove the logo, but with out any luck. The only way (or the best way) to remove the logo is by buying a new replacement glass, which cost around $50 on ebay.

    When i was about to bu the new replacement glass, a guy on this forum told me about, which makes front covers for tablet and phones, so big thanks to "theksmith" in here! :-)

    I had the option between 'Glossy' and 'Matte' decals, so since most of the interior in my car is matte, i thought it would be a nice fit with matte border around the tablet glass also

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    The shipping took a few days (From US to Norway), which isnt so bad, and it came with good instrucitons on how to install it correctly to the screen. So thumbs up for

    My next problem was exactly how i could make the tablet fit nicely in my car, so did some searching around for dvd\radio units for my car to get some inspiration, incase i needed to do some modding.
    After some mins, i found out that the Double Dinn frame would probably fit nicely, since they are about the same size as the tablet and with a double din frame for my car model, it would be easy to stick the tablet to the DD-frame, and then mount it in my car. Since i didn't have exact measurements, i just ordered one.

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    After some days, i received the double dinn frame, and suprisingly it was a nice fit.
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    After trying a few ways to mount the tablet to the frame, my dad came up with a decent solution.

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    So to be able to get any sound out of the tablet, i would need to use a jack cable from the tablet and over to the audio system in my car, but there was no room for cables on any of the sides.. Even the usb-charger plug was bigger than i thought.

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    I rememberd a other guy on this forum. had a similar problem, so i went to his thread, and saw how he solved the problem, and pretty much did the same thing as him. So big thanks to SDB_FTW on the forum for solving my problems ;-)

    in short words, i bougth a Samsung Universal Tablet Dock, and started to disassemble it.

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    So as you can probably see, i got enough room for the charge cable that i took from the Samsung dock and it also had an audio out port, which is exactly what i needed.

    So to be able to use the car speakers, i needed some kind of amplifier that i would connect my tablet to, so i bought one at the local store, just some basic one, and it will probably be replaced sometime in the future.

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    so did a few audio tests, to make sure everything was working correctly before i put everthing inside the car. And after some back and forth, everything was then working properly! :-)

    So next thing on the todo-list was to remove the China radio and replace it with the tablet!
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    So, when we put the tablet in, we noticed that the HVAC\Heating unit pushed against the volume\OnOff button on the tablet, so we had to do a minor modification to the HVAC panel.. nothing serious though..

    After that was done, it came on perfectly
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    Since there is no way for me to reach the power button anymore, i can't turn it On\Off as i'd like, so instead it stays on at all times.

    I used an app called 'Tasker', which let me do a lot of different task on certain actions.
    Example: If i give the tablet external power (Ignition On), it will automatically start certain apps and turn on Bluetooth\Wifi. SAme if the tablet looses the external power (Ignition Off), it will turn everything off and go to 'power saving mode'. That way then the ignition is off, it can run on its own battery for a few days, and as soon as i start the car up again, it will start to charge up.

    Here's the end result :-)
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    I'm also using an app named 'Torque', which lets me connect my device to the ECU in my car, using Bluetooth, so i can read out stuff like; Engine RPM, Speed, Voltage, Engine Temp, Oil Temp, Air Flow, Air Temp, Turbo Boost +++, which is really cool.

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    Here's an small clip of when Torque is activated:

    And this is what happends when i turn Ignition On\Off

    Small audio test..

    Thank you all for reading, and if you got any questions, please post here and id try to answer them all.
    Also big thanks to my dad for helping out :-)
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    Merkoen: What Bluetooth adapter are you using for Torque?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacphilly View Post
    Merkoen: What Bluetooth adapter are you using for Torque?
    Just a normal OBD II Bluetooth adapter i bougth on ebay.. Don't buy the cheapest ones, those can break your ECU in your car.

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