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Thread: 98 Civic Ex Car Computer Custom CAD Install

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    that looks awesome. i love that custrom screen mould

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    I like the tape deck adds touch next to the USB ports... also who did you send the housing to make?

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    What company did you use for the 3D printing? Would you recommend them? Looks great!

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    i cant handle that pic of your carpc in the m350 case anymore. it's like staring at a huge mole or a zit on someones face and struggling not to say something about it. why, WHY are you using a 20pin pico psu on a 24pin mobo?? 20 pin power supplies went out with agp card slots way back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth. my first build, before i found the 250watt m4-atx ps. i had either a 150 or 160watt pico psu and it had all 24 pins. i know that people say as long as you're not using the pci-e slot, you can get away with it, but still there is no excuse for vacant mainboard power supply connector pins. you must fix this. and i believe you can even find a 24 pin pico psu right here at picoPSU 150xt or 160xt are what you need). either one can be had for under $50 right here. your build deserves proper power connections.

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