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Thread: 98 Civic Ex Car Computer Custom CAD Install

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    98 Civic Ex Car Computer Custom CAD Install

    So my car is a 98 civic ex 2-door, i wanted to install a car pc but due to the small interior and no room for a normal DIN display I had to get a bit creative. I decided on installing it in the dash on the passenger side.

    Started out in cad, designed a frame that could be built into the dash to hold the touchscreen in place.

    Name:  2012-09-17 19.56.35.jpg
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    Once i finished the design i sent it to a company i found online and had it printed for about 35$ + shipping.

    results: not bad

    Name:  2012-09-25 17.49.31.jpg
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    Next i mounted the screen in the frame, a perfect fit.

    Name:  2012-09-25 17.49.58.jpg
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    Name:  2012-09-25 17.50.08.jpg
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    Adding the components and securing it in place, about as sloppy as it gets but hey, it holds great and no one will ever see it.

    Name:  2012-09-28 15.38.45.jpg
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    outlined the are for cutting, made sure it was level and in the correct place on the dash.

    Name:  2012-09-28 15.52.18.jpg
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    Sloppy cutting but i made sure to get it nice and smooth before finishing

    Name:  2012-09-28 23.11.59.jpg
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    Installed the frame with touch screen, all the edges fit smoothly

    Name:  2012-09-29 01.06.53.jpg
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    Name:  2012-09-29 01.07.04.jpg
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    Heres the actuall computer, it fits in a nice little package under the passenger seat and has some pretty decent specs: Corsair 64GB SSD, 4gb ddr3 ram, Intel Atom Dual core D525 motherboard, m3-atx powersupply. It is also hooked into the obd2 port and i use dashcommand to display the data

    Name:  2012-10-02 18.32.20.jpg
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    Heres a shot of it at night. The china screen actually works surprisingly well, resolution is great and the touch screen is very accurate and responsive

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    Name:  2012-10-13 00.31.32.jpg
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    I installed 2 usb ports in the front plate of where the casette player used to be as well as a headphone jack

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    Here are the power buttons, green is for the computer which turns on both the screen and the pc, it also shuts it down. blue is for the blue leds in the footwells.

    Name:  2013-04-24 11.42.46.jpg
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    Name:  2012-10-10 20.50.50.jpg
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    Well its not the most beautiful setup in the world and i may have hacked up the car a little in the making, but its not exactly a beamer and i learned alot along the way. lemme know what you think!
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    Very nice install! Your in the top percentile of clean CarPC installs. Great job.
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    Looks great!

    What kind of screen are you using and what resolution do you have it set at to run Windows 8? What company did you use to have your screen bezel printed?

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    What are you using for OBD? That software looks nice if it functions well
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    Very clean install. Looks like he is using dashcommand SNO

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    Ahh I have used Palmer before and it did work well enough. But the touch screen interface was pretty lacking. Is there some sort of skin being used there?
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    yeah it's been skinned here is the link to the skins and you need the skin editor if you want changes

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    wow, that is clean install. very nice. now if you swap center bezel and a/c head unit with ex model, you could have dual screens on your civic.

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    Very nice install!Is there some sort of skin being used there?

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    rujoesmith that is NICE! I am using the same lcd and could really use that cad file as I have a 3d printer. Could you please upload or send them to me?

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