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Thread: Tom's Hardware Guide - and the Car PC Project article

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    I just bought a new 2SS/RS with every possible option, and I hate the navcom. The USB is glitch and slow, I can't plug in an ssd, and sound quality on my 9 speaker Boston premium sound system sucks at best.

    I'm building a better system using a socket G2 mini-itx board with 35 watt I7-3612qm chip. I will be using the Driveline front end. I will probably end up using an 8" resistive touchscreen.

    Here is my previous build to give you an idea of all the features I had

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    Quote Originally Posted by rray View Post
    I used a metra kit for aftermarket stereo steering wheel button interface connected to a Joycon EXR USB resistive button interpreter. Then you program it to do things like a programmable multimedia keyboard does.
    You can use blue soleil 8 and a compatible BT dongle to switch music or movies or any playing audio to phone when your paired phone rings.
    Pretty much everything a top equipt navcom entertainment system cab do can be exceeded by a well thought out carp.
    I don't doubt it.

    But at the end of the day, with an OEM style setup in the dash, I'm limited to a smaller screen that doesn't hit my objectives (the ability to use it as a mobile PC via the metro interface, and be oriented exclusively to the front seat passenger) as opposed to a larger screen on a flexible arm that will do the job.

    I appreciate everyone's input and it's helped more than you guys can know. But the more I think about it, the more I'm looking for a PC in a car, rather than a PC that replaces a car's existing infrastructure, I think.

    If this goes well, maybe we'll revisit the Car PC with a follow-up article that targets the OEM-look and functionality.
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    It sounds like you have a plan now, and it makes sense to me given the primary goal is to prove or disprove the viability of W8 as an in-vehicle solution.

    I will mention there is a product now available that allows you to retain most of the Ford factory functionality including Sync.

    Sync is one of the better factory BT solutions out there and that does cause a lot of people to rethink going aftermarket replacement once they have tried sync. I have had it in several rental vehicles and it is amazing for BT.

    This new interface module could be a game changer with respect to upgrading Ford Sync equipped vehicles. At this point, it requires a Kenwood head unit to retain all of the OEM functionality but it does connect to a PC to get flashed before installation so it begs the question could it be hacked to stay connected to a PC and operate in tandem with a PC? I'm sure this is not suited for achieving your current goal but I thought I would mention it in case you decide to do a follow up plan of a more integrated system.
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    Hi Don, regards your front (driver's) monitor is there one more option you have to consider. I have my monitor mounted directly on the front windscreen between sun visors instead of factory rearview mirror. With an back up camera you retain your rear sight and get great adjustability and avoid sun glare. I was trying to use goosneck too, but every little bump from the road shakes with monitor like a crazy so I was unable to read smaller font at higher resolution.

    And BTW Tom's Hardware is very well known site here. Greetings from Czech Republic. Jan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleeve View Post
    Clockwork: yes, SSD for sure, I updated the PC spec.
    USB hub: Yes I'll avoid it if I can, but I plan to use a powered hub if necessary
    Regarding USB...
    Try to keep the essential devices connected to the motherboard. We're talking Keyboard, mouse, bluetooth adapter, GPS unit.

    You also said that you're not planning on upgrading the audio system, but if you intend on playing any music or anything through the car speakers, you'll have to splice into that somehow.
    Most factory stereos have the capability of an aux input for a CD Changer or something.
    If yours has a line-in for an iPod or other music player, then that's simplified for you.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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