Volvo V70 2002 Project

Denver tablett is hidden beneath the arm rest + 1TB HD connected, no need to hide it for potential burglars
I control XBMC-tablett with another Android phone with XBMC remote.


Denver Tablett Android 4.04
Rooted when bought second hand

Remote control for Denver: Mobile phone ZTE with Android 2.36, rooted.

1 TB 2.5inch HD with all my music, 500GB at the moment. In linux ext4 format (no issue with defragmentation of the disk) I used gparted in Linuxmint.

HD chassie (with the IMPORTANT 1<->2 usb cable for the extra power to spin up the disk!)

Power for the tablett and HD: PowerGen Dual USB 3.6A 18w Car Charger

Cable needed for HD to tablett:

Power cable for tablett:

Sound cable to Volvo car stereo:

Modification: Keep the Left and Right big cogwheels + middle cogwheel that connects Left with Right cogwheel, remove the other small ones. I you don't: It keeps turning from side A to side B and sound gets muted


XBMC for Android nightly build (the 12.2 stable version was not so stable, did not keep my settings/bugged sometimes + slower performance!) i have used with pretty good stable results

From October 6th :
(Installed on Tablett)

How to install the nightlies version :

Link to nightlies:

App to mount the HD:
(Installed on Tablett)

App for remote function on Phone:
(Installed on Phone)

App to control screen rotation:
(Installed on Tablett and Phone)

Setup Tablett:

App for hotspot :
(Installed on Tablett)

When you enable access point your Wifi turns off, do not worry, you get a ”fake IP address” from Hotspot Control.
The Ip address you can see inside XBMC Network pane.
You also get a fake SSID (name of the your fake network) ”Portable Hotspot” from Hotspot Control.

Mount the disk with USB OTG Helper.

Start up XBMC (your server) and go to /Settings/Services/Remote control/ and enable both options.

Setup Phone:

Search and connect to the wifi/hotspot network ”Portable Hotspot” on your Tablett.
The password is portablehotspot.

Start up XBMC remote and add your XBMC host server with the IP address from above. Little Trial and error, sometimes you need several tries for the two devices to connect to each other.
Try remote control feature first, move left/right until a notification on the tablett, ”remote control connected” Now you can access the folder on the HD.
Little Bug/Issue: the Queue function for a whole album only works when a song is already playing.