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Thread: Nexus 7 in 2001 A4, fully loaded!

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    Went ahead and took a quick video of the quick removal / install of my Nexus 7 into the dash. It's nice to be able to quickly swap out an entirely-stock Nexus 7
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    Quote Originally Posted by blafrisch View Post
    I used those as well for my Nexus 7 but started having issues as temperatures approached 90 degrees outside; I've now switched to a 100W DC-DC USB that seems to handle the heat far better.
    My regulators have been working fine. My guess is that your N7 simply isn't charging due to temperature; the N7's battery protection circuitry seems to cut charging around 110 deg. F, a temperature which can easily be reached even without direct sunlight on the tablet.
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    Recently played around with streamlining lock screen security. Here's how it currently functions:
    1) Turn power on, tablet is locked and lockscreen shows (using a rotation app to force lockscreen rotation to landscape)
    2) Tablet Talk begins between phone and N7, and this trips the Tasker profile BT connected (on both phone and tablet)
    3) as soon as Tasker on N7 detects my phone, one of the things it does is set a variable I call %SECURE to 1.
    4) Then a task called "Lockscreen" runs and does the following:
    4a) disable pattern lock and lock with power button
    4b) disable keyguard
    4c) wait 200 ms
    4d) enable keyguard
    5) Then I swipe the lock symbol to enter the tablet. (I have thus far been unable to properly bypass the keyguard without additional issues while using gestures since I disabled the navigation bar)

    6) Turn power off; N7 runs Tasker task to enable lockscreen and lock with power button
    7a) If N7 finishes power-down sequence, then it turns off and lockscreen is enabled
    7b) If I turn power back on before the power-down sequence concludes, then because my N7 is still connected to my phone at this time, it re-runs the "Lockscreen" task to disable lock screen and disable/re-enable keyguard.

    It's function is only semi-complicated and it simply works. I use a similar sort of sequence on my phone when my phone is connected to my home WiFi network.

    Video of it in action!

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