Hi guys just signed up on the forum,

Im looking at designing my own carpc setup in my D2.
Ive bought 2x FBv6 I/O Boards, ill use these to control; Spot Lights, Air Suspension, BattIso, Lighting, HVAC, and hopefully a turbo timer.

Ive got the wiring side under control but I was hoping I could get some help with the software as I am clueless (well not entirely I have built pcs and im pretty handy with using software/and networking or making a webpage like html coding but that would probably be basic stuff to u guys).
I so far can connect my fusionbrain to pc and use fusegl to control the outputs but that's it.
how will I use it in an android os ill probs have to pay someone to design an app?

what is confusing me tho atm is if I were to get a program made would the program/app (still unsure if android or windows 8 would be a better front end)
be able to, obviously communicate with fusionbrain and then properly interface with the wiring side for example, if was using for air suspension I would have 4 airbags (lhf,lhr,rhf,rhr) and I would need an up and down button for each will the program know when the airbag has been fully inflated or minium deflation I can obviously wire an normallyclosed relay in line with each bag soleniod which could be controlled by a pressure switch but can the program give me psi readings ect on screen and once a certain psi has been reached the up button no longer works or if the bag reach an certain mimium psi the solenoids/compressor automatically kick in to inflate them. I assume this would be all in the programming side?

I have done a lot of Programmable Logic Controller Programming using Manufacturer specific software to control Factory/Production Lines ect Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi... however mostly ladder logic and user friendly. the plc's use sensors and limit/nc,no switches to control motors or lights via voltage analoge or digital inputs and outputs so I could set up a plc todo what I want in the car tho it would not be android compatable and would not have a proper gui in easy access whilst in a car.

Also I downloaded riderunner and I bought centrafuse v4 neither of which I could make work with my fushionbrain I tried the plugins that "sonicataxtcy guy" made rrfusion and centrafusion however I had no luck, well no direction, both I installed then didn't know what todo thought id just then be able to open either program and it would have a page to and control buttons?, these are what I would still consider using if someone could maybe give me tutorial on howto use the skins or whatever ur supposed todo.

Overall if someone could shed some light on their own setups mostly software side of things it would be much appreciated and/or if someone is able to make a program for me I am happy to help in anyway and obviously pay to get it done!

Regards Fez