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Thread: Audi A6 - U3, DSP, 10" screen

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    Audi A6 - U3, DSP, 10" screen

    Thought I'd give this a go, no pictures yet, but will get some as the unit goes in.

    Starts with an odroid u3 and so far, android works out the box with no obvious issues. Just trying to get the extras going now.

    Screen plugged in worked out the box, and the touchscreen unit I have also works via usb out of the box. Bluetooth seems to work but I haven't tested any functions. Screen is a china tobby, overlay a capacitve one off ebay. Couldn't get the chalk electric one going, probabaly the hdmi adapter though.

    I have a BU-353s4 gps unit which it knows something is plugged in, but I need to modify the code to get it going properly it seems. Is there anyway I can download all of google maps for the uk and use it without the internet?

    "ix here code for baud rate


    Code: Select all
    189 // disable echo on serial lines
    190 if ( isatty( state.fd ) ) {
    191 struct termios ios;
    192 tcgetattr( state.fd, &ios );
    193 ios.c_lflag = 0; /* disable ECHO, ICANON, etc... */
    194 ios.c_oflag &= (~ONLCR); /* Stop \n -> \r\n translation on output */
    195 ios.c_iflag &= (~(ICRNL | INLCR)); /* Stop \r -> \n & \n -> \r translation on input */
    196 ios.c_iflag |= (IGNCR | IXOFF); /* Ignore \r & XON/XOFF on input */
    //cfsetospeed(&ios, BXXXXX)
    197 tcsetattr( state.fd, TCSANOW, &ios );
    198 }
    200 D("%s: exit", __FUNCTION__);"

    Is what I need to modify, can anyone advise how?

    Ive got a new old laptop battery, it's large, but I'd like to be able to run the entire system from that so it can run when the car is off for days without touching the car battery. Is this as simple as soldering some wires to the plug that came with the small backup battery I bought with the U3? Can I solder the usb hub and lcd's power there too?

    Audio: Well it has to compete with modern headunits with more features is my thinking, Not wanting to shell out silly money for things like Audison bit ones, I've found and ordered this: ... inidsp-2x4

    Now the only gripe, is if I use a dac, it gets converted twice. So I'd like to use the digital input on the dsp, and find some sort of mid-high quality usb to digital audio transport if anyone know of any?

    Dab radio is also needed, I've tried a cheap usb dvbt I have and it needs drivers or being told what it is, same as the GPS.

    Wifi is easy, hopefully streaming data from the phone should be easy enough when you're in the car.

    No idea on getting your phone calls to stream yet? Hopefully it'll be easy enough? Will probably have to upgrade my phone to something android.

    That pretty much covers everything bar software, which I've made this list from reading on the internet....

    macrodroid sleep timers enable/disable screen timeout/wifi/bluetooth
    widgets by overlay
    n7 music
    car dash droid
    gps test
    carhome ultra
    Widget Auto Pro
    remote web desktop
    tablet talk

    Any advice/thoughts would be great.

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    Sounds interesting. I am also working on installing my odroid x2 in my Audi A3. Still getting all my components together. For now I just have the odroid, bluetooth, wifi and gps. Was going to get the 7" open frame from chalk elec but they never have stock! Looking for an alternative. Did you get the capacitive touch screen working immediately or did you have to get custom kernels?

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    I am interested in this project, as I am looking at buying an 11' A6 with MMI. There seem to be not many options when MMI is involved.

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    Hard another start on this. Cracked the touchscreen in the process.

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    Not good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chug1 View Post
    Hard another start on this. Cracked the touchscreen in the process.
    how did this happen?
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    Mechanics hands. I've got another which I think is the capacitive one. Just need to find/buy another usb cable. If anyone can tell me what I need to convert this ribbon to usb that'd be great

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    The parts collection so far

    Name:  110720146200.jpg
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    The box I bought for the minidsp doesn't fit, as the ribbon cables on the side add 20mm. Hence the thought of cramming it all into that mitx case, but I'm going to buy another box, put the mini dsp under the rear seats, meaning the rca is only 1m. Have the longer run of cable in digital.

    Need a volume pot, unfortunately it'll be connected to the minidsp on a run of about 2m, been told a cat5/6 cable should be insulated enough not to introduce noise. Would a fancy pot be any help here?

    Separating the components mean I can upgrade/change at will. Still considering putting the PC together for it instead, but I didn't get on with many front ends.

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    I found that you want to have the Hifimediy Sabre DAC and it's cables as far away from the power supply as possible. It will introduce hum when it gets too close, like I had originally placed in my project:

    As far as the touch screen, I'm sure you can find the pinout, but if you cannot find the wiring diagram, you can see pins 1 and 2 must be power and ground, so making contact on a wide flat area of copper upstream on that flex board area, then checking continuity to pins 1 and 2, will show which is ground. Then the other 2 are D+ and D-, which usually can be connected backwards without harm, and swap the 2 if not working.

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    Cheers, I did consider that, enough to consider getting a different dac with a power supply, but this is only usb-spdif, hopefully it won't be as bad. I can always upgrade down the line. I'm aiming to separate the power supplies into their own boxes.

    Typically I broke the capacitive screen, found a usb cable for the other as it was a china tobby screen.

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    Had this running. Few things I don't really like so far. Any of the car home type apps are just front ends that go into other apps, which is fine, but for example when the music is going, aside from back and next you have no control, nor do you know whats playing without having to go to the music app, when really I'd want the front end screen with say just some playing now data.

    DAC doesn't work, it just wants to put audio out the hdmi and I can't see a setting for anything else. I know the GPS doesn't work as I still haven't modified the code.

    I didn't break just the touchscreen, it broke the main screen too.

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    I've got another from chalk electrics, which doesn't seem to work after a stint in the cupboard. Lights up but no picture. Its a touch too big, even if I could get it out of the casing.

    So far, not good.

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