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Thread: e46 Nexus install + SMD conversion

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    e46 Nexus install + SMD conversion

    I've been working on the interior of my car for the past few weeks. I wasn't too sure what i wanted it to look like, it just made changes as i went along. I must have opened the whole of the dash board about 1 million times in the past month.

    So i ended up installing a Nexus 7, changing all the SMDs to blue and red and wrapping the dash in carbon fiber wrap.


    After i finished wrapping the heater controls:
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    Name:  2.jpg
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    Center console with Nexus:
    Name:  3.jpg
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    The steering controls are red, but cant tell cos its daytime
    Name:  4.jpg
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    Close up of the Nexus
    Name:  6.jpg
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    Name:  7.jpg
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    I have added 3 buttons (Can be seen in the bottom corner). These are for the nexus power and volume.
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    Heater controls
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    I've also added a wireless charger, so whenever i get in the car i just put my phone on the charger and it charges
    Name:  13.jpg
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    Where the CD player now lives:
    Name:  15.jpg
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    I have an E46 Cab.

    Luckily it has the carbon cube trim from factory so no wrapping needed.

    Looks good, however I would have been tempted to only wrap the top half of the screen bezel to match the rest of the trim.

    Also I would have tried to get some OEM buttons (like the DSC) and had them in the button section just under the Climate and above the ashtray.

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    Nice clean job! Welcome to the forum! SNO

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    +1 Very clean and professional work there! Love the LED mods and wraps too!

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