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Thread: 2003 Crown Victoria P71 custom center console with tablet integration

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    2003 Crown Victoria P71 custom center console with tablet integration

    I didn't do anything ground breaking here in terms of android integration, but it was a fun project and I'm proud of the outcome.

    Components are:

    Nexus 7
    Galaxy Nexus
    Clarion EQ
    Precision Power Amplifier
    Sony Component Front Speakers
    Stock Rear Speakers
    JBL Subwoofer

    Start with a cardboard template

    After lots of cutting

    Had to have cupholders

    Built in some power points for inside the arm rest. Constant power to the USB and switched to the standard plug.

    Now comes for the hard part, tablet integration. I ordered some pogo pins.

    And success

    Time to cover the unpleasant wood, started with the arm rest for its simple shape.

    Carpeted the inside of the console, that wire is the second input for the equalizer and how I get phone audio in.

    A little more...

    And done

    Once I had all the material in around the tablet I lost alignment of the pogo pins so I'm now thinking of a new way to locate the pins precisely and get it powered again.

    And here's my main screen. I only use Torque or Waze so I didn't bother with any of those car home apps. I did test out several of them and was not happy. I am on the hunt for an app that will automatically flip between Waze and Torque on its own every 30 seconds or something like that though.

    I also had a little fun with the trunk and some LED lighting.

    White light for practicality

    And to play into the police theme

    Trunk is still a work in progress since I'm trying to setup an air suspension. Need to find a clean way to get an air tank, compressor, and a bunch of other nonsense in there as tightly as possible.
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    Nice and clean look, Look's real good SNO

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    I like the console. Cool man.

    I'm working on a tablet install in my truck also.

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    Looks good, like the gauges around the perimeter of the screen!
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