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Thread: Windows 8.1 CarPC in Camry 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemandk View Post
    looking very nice.

    Consider using here maps instead of garmin it is free and runs as an app in windows 8.1.

    What tablet are you using?
    hemandk - does HERE maps on Windows 8.1 support voice guided navigation. It gives directions, but I didn't see navigation.

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    Here is the day we put in the door speakers and the off axis dash tweeters:

    Passenger door:

    Driver Door:

    Laser Cut MDF Tweeter Mount Top:

    Tweeter Mount Bottom:

    Tweeter Installed:

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    very nice install. that's gotta be the best looking center console in any camry on the street. guess now I know why rray doesn't have time to help me with my dev. lol.

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    Gotta hand it to you, the 6.75" speaker set that you have looks good on that setup!!
    And yes @rray, the vinyl did come out very well.

    As far as GMPC/Here Drive+ goes, I have used Here Drive+ from my Nokia Lumia 1520; and it's not bad at all. And the fact I get those three beeps when I pass the speed limit never ceases to amaze me! I stress the Drive+ because I think it's that app that gives the turn by turn directions. If it recognizes the GPS receiver, you're good to go! Otherwise, you will be giving up traffic, speed limits and live feeds on GMPC, which is still my go-to app for GPS.

    I'm currently working to replace my rear view camera as well; and may end up doing a USB connection for my OBD-II scanner (I have bluetooth currently, and it plays nice on my Lumia, and my fiance's Galaxy; but not the Mac). So I'm curious to see what you go.

    Keep it up!!
    All systems are a go...
    Currently in "tweaking" mode.

    The Worklog

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    Thanks Project07MACry!!

    We have added joycon and now the steering wheel control switches can control the tablet.

    We also tried lazer cutting the circles in vinyl for the temperature control nobs. I will take few new pics and post them.

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